The energy storage saga

  • Ben Franklin

    ” Australia, where there are plans to install the worlds biggest network storage unit”

    Australia’s 30 or 40 MWh Li-ion battery will on completion be the SECOND biggest of its kind, after an earlier system in California.

    It is dwarfed by pumped hydro energy storage schemes such as Drakensberg (10 GWh), Ingula (21 GWh) and even bigger systems elsewhere.

    Even modest CSP systems such as Bokpoort (450 MWh) exceed that Li-ion system by an order of magnitude, while the recently contracted Tamarugal and Dubai CSP systems will exceed it by 2 to 3 orders of magnitude.

    • The Navigator

      I agree. Electrical energy storage has been problematic since the advent of electricity. it is not cheap nor easy nor efficient. Currently (OK!), cell- or battery storage may be fine for your haring aid or cellphone, but is not an effective solution on a large scale.

      Potential energy storage such as pumped water works well on a large scale (town or city size), but there are significant efficiency losses.

      However I believe that the entire world’s battery storage capacity is not, in my lifetime anyway, going to come close to even a small fraction of other approaches, not even by some magnitudes.

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