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May 19th, 2009, Published in Articles: Vector

Further to the article that appeared in the April 2009 issue of Vector (p. 6) on the new Electrical Installation Regulations, we have at last received some clarity from the Department of Labour about the use of the new and the old Certificate of Compliance (CoC).
The new CoC (Annexure 1 to the regulations) must now be used, and old CoC will become the “Test Report” until we are instructed otherwise. They must be attached together, and the number on the old CoC must also be transcribed on to the new document so that it can be seen that they are “married” to one another.
The Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa (ECB) has issued an instruction that when selling the “old” CoC pads, the ECA must also be provide contractors with 20 copies of the “new” certificates, and the price of the “package” will be R25. However, there is nothing to stop electrical contractors from photocopying the new CoCs themselves, in which case they will continue to pay the R20 for the old pad of certificates. The ECB cannot have the new certificates printed until the Department of Labour authorises it to do so.

The new certificate has been placed on both the ECA and ECB websites, so it is now available to be downloaded. The ECA’s website address is and the ECB’s is This has been necessary because it was impossible to distribute them throughout the country at such short notice.

To assist with the completion of the new certificates, we have prepared the following guidelines which will hopefully prove helpful.

CoC guidelines

Place the number from the old CoC you are using as the test report on the new certificate alongside “Certificate No.” If you are using separate pages (not back-to-back) also include it at the top of each page.

“The Declaration by registered person” is for completion by the person responsible for the testing and inspection of the electrical installation, as follows:

  • I, (full names of registered (accredited) person and his ID number).
  • Insert a “tick” (√) in the allocated space next to (a), (b) or (c).
  • Registered person registration number (this used to be “accreditation number”).
  • Date of registration (date of registration as a master installation electrician, installation electrician or electrical tester for single phase).
  • Type of registration: Tick as appropriate.
  • Signature: (of registered (accredited) person to confirm the declarations above, and accept responsibility for the accuracy of the test and inspection),
  • Date: of affixing his signature.
  • All his personal contact details

“The Declaration by electrical contractor” is for completion by the contractor (business) and capturing of the business’ information, as follows:

  • I, (full names of the director/owner/manager/contact person of the electrical contracting business, not necessarily the registered (accredited) person), and his ID no.
  • Electrical contractor registration number: (ECB registration number)
  • Date of registration (date of latest date stamp on ECB card or last “renewal” with ECB)
  • Signature: (of the director/owner/manager/contact person of the electrical contracting business, to confirm the declaration above, and to indicate the business’ acceptance of its responsibility for the installation works).
  • Date: of affixing his signature.
  • All of the business’ contact details
  • Recipient name: This is just a receipt from the client, to prove delivery. Failure to have this completed will not render the certificate invalid.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your regional director.

Chris Greager

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    what is the guidelines when you sell a plot with an in habitable property on it regarding the electrical certificate. the property will be demolished to develop. the stand was also rezoned to Business 3 and is no longer a residential property?

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      Hello Retha: Has anybody answered you yet?

      If not, please contact me via email on


  • No idea Retha! suggest contact the ECA on

  • Klasie

    How long is a coc binding (valid)


    What is the fate rate charge for an electrical COC. I am living in Hermanus and the Electrician charged me R1000 + VAT. My son paid for a COC R250 + VAT. Can this be?

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    Hi there, how often should a petrol station renew their CoC?

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    I want electrical certif

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      where do u stay

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        I need COC Certificate can you help

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    What are the penalties for issuing false CoC’s

  • Unathi

    I just got a shocking quote for COC… the job to be done and total cost is R14 000.. is this normal? there is rewiring on plugs…. rewiring of switches and rewiring of stove all 3 each costs R 3000 and some odds and new DB box. I need second opinion… Is there a regulator or council that I can refer this qoute to? am staying in Kenilworth Cape Town

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