Thorium reactors and process heat applications

  • David W Blake

    This sounds terrific! The Thorium process has received very little publicity to date, and yet it appears to answer a lot of the questions.
    I had a passing interest in the (development of) Eskom’s Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR), and to me its major potential benefit was its modularity. The negative temperature coefficient would have satisfied the safety concerns. Financial risks would have been vastly less than the mega projects that Eskom cut its teeth on. My interests at the time concerned Energy Storage and Power Quality.
    A couple of questions that I would have concern its timeline to commercialisation, plus its specific cost, also its ramp and turn down rates, indicating where it would operate in the national generation fleet. At a nameplate rating of 100MW it must surely interest potential Independent Power Producers (IPPs).
    A side question: does anyone know what Louis Aucamp (one time Eskom employee) is and what he is doing? His expertise would very quickly indicate the feasibility and applicability of this exciting innovative technology.

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