Traction motors in diesel locomotives

  • Richard Vere-compton

    If you pulled one engine with d.c. traction motors running as generators, could you set the power electronics to keep a powfull charge on the on board battries for emergancy traction. This must be done with out the wheels locking up, or the ,main drive unit having no wheel slip

  • Richard Vere-compton

    Let’s talk about a A1 class steam engine pulling a 2nd A1 steam this time only the boiler is full of steam and the fire box is full of a electrical substation. All steam pistons have been removed and replaced with D.C. generators, set in between the frames and held in place by the axle boxes. I have the I.P.R. on how to heat the water from grid power over 10 hours, and then keep it on the boil for it’s duty cycle??. If I can do this then steam with out fire is back on the worlds railroads??.

  • Richard Vere-compton

    Now we have a concept that sees one A1 boiler feed steam into a steam chest, with the other also feeding steam into the same chest?. The exit steam will then be feed back to the other boiler, and the 2nd exit steam feed back ti the 1st boiler??. This is done to follower the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics..

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