UAV software improves GCP setups

May 3rd, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The recently released PhotoModeler 2018.1.0 comes with several improvements, including improvements of UAV control marking which make UAV projects with ground control points (GCPs) easier to set up. The multi-point transform can now be formed with just one point assigned (translate) or two points assigned (translate and scale). User interface speeds have also been improved. The latest release has three changes that make dealing with this vertical datum conflict easier and more automatic: When GCPs are being marked in a project that was set up with EXIF GPS, a message comes up that allows the user to disable the UAV’s GPS. The multi-point transform (a coordinate transformation between sets of 3D points) now works with a single point (translate), or two points (translate and scale). When GCPs are assigned in a project, the project is put into a temporary transformed coordinate system to match the GCPs marked so far. When processing is carried out, the temporary transformation is first applied. These changes mean that the steps to add GCPs to a drone project are faster and less prone to error. With the temporary coordinate system, the GCP Locate function works right away, making GCP marking and assignment easier.

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