Update enhances field-to-office productivity

May 28th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Version 4.1 of Trimble Business Centre (TBC) office software enables surveyors and geospatial professionals to simplify cadastral, GIS, infrastructure inspection and tunnelling deliverables. The updated software provides integration with Trimble Access 2018 field software to improve field-to-office productivity using new cloud-based data synchronisation and workflow task management capabilities. TBC adds new cadastral capabilities including proportioning, map checking and CAD drafting tools for the creation of survey plans, plots and survey engineering digital deliverables. GNSS field data from GIS receivers, including the Trimble Geo 7X, can now be post-processed within the software to achieve high-quality feature locations. This allows enterprise-level organisations the flexibility to integrate both GIS and survey data within the same project environment and then link the high-quality locations directly to their Esri geodatabase. For infrastructure inspection, construction as-built verification and volumetric applications, new projected surface tools enable professionals to analyse and compare data captured in the field against designs. A new optional Tunneling Module enables tunnel designs to be created and exchanged with Trimble Access field software, allowing users to stakeout tunnel elements in the field and produce compelling as-built analysis and reports in the office.

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