Toets ‘n Bakkie: the Mustang with muscle

  Every “baby boomer” in the 1960s wanted a Ford Mustang, either a fastback or a 2×2 hard-top coupe. Most did manage to purchase one, especially in America, and not only for its good looks or its V8 power plant, but also for its affordability. The Mustang was originally named after a P-51 fighter plane […]

Market survey shows members’ needs

  The ECA(SA) Port Elizabeth branch conducted a survey among the membership in September last year. The following questions were asked: Which service on the ECA service menu do you use most? What can the ECA do to ensure that you attend the general branch meetings? What would you like ECA to do for you as […]

The importance of the JBCC preliminaries

  There is a general misconception about the purpose and use of the JBCC Preliminaries document. Commonly referred to by contractors as “Ps and Gs”, the JBCC document was compiled to cover all those items specific to the project but which are not referred to in detail in the contract document. It is intended that the preliminaries […]