At the Highveld regional AGMs

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Trade Test A training over two days

  The Highveld region presents a two-day practical evaluation for registered apprentices following their successful completion of M0 – M3. The practical tasks completed by the candidates include wire ways; distribution board set-up and wiring (single and 3-phase); light circuits including intermediate switching; socket outlet circuits including 3-phase sockets; dedicated socket outlet circuits; kW/h metering […]

Contract price adjustment provisions

  Work groups 160 and 162 fell by 4 and 5% month-on-month respectively, lowering the annual rate of change to 6,7 and 4,9% as at April 2014. The downward adjustment is due to another price cut of EC grade rod (down 2,3% m/m), a 1,1% drop in the price of zinc and an 8% decrease […]

Facts on the ECA(SA)

  The ECA(SA) is an employers’ organisation registered in terms of the Labour Relations Act. It has represented electrical contractors in South Africa for 60 years. It has over 3000 members who employ between 70 and 80% of the total labour force in the industry. Some 80% of all electrical installations in South Africa are […]

Excavations: the contractor’s responsibilities

  According to Regulation 13 (Excavation) of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, contractors performing excavation work shall ensure that all excavation work is done under the supervision of a competent person appointed in writing for that purpose. The contractor must also evaluate the stability of the ground as far as reasonably practicable before […]