History of Powermite, one-stop supplier of electrical crane materials, flexible cables

  Information from Powermite Established in the late 1960s to serve the South African mechanical handling market, Powermite has become a one-stop supplier in the field of electrical crane materials and flexible cables. From an initial staff complement of only four people and premises rented from a West Rand mining house, the company moved to […]

Elsteel tops product certification and ease of use

  Information from ATI Systems The Elsteel Techno Module motor control and power distribution system is a patented, fully modular product which can be built in 200 mm increments in all directions, precisely to clients’ design preference, without any limitations. Great confusion exists about which panel board and switchgear to use to comply with the […]

Best-in-class solar, battery backup for residential, commercial off-grid markets

Information from Schneider Electric SA 2014 is set to become an energy saving year for South Africans with Schneider Electric Solar Business, which is making available its complete range of products for residential, small commercial and off-grid solar and backup power. According to Laurent Bataille, senior vice president of the Solar Business of Schneider Electric, […]