Engineers@Leisure: Middle East Meanders, Part 4

  A two-day visit to Cairo and its surrounds had been tagged on to the end of our Middle East meanders and formed an interesting contrast to what we had become accustomed to. Cairo from the air is not an inviting prospect, with many blocks of seemingly unfinished apartments surrounded by a brown haze of […]

Engineers@Leisure: Middle East Meanders, part 2

  In part one of this series, based on a recent tour I took of Israel and Egypt, I discussed our travels from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem via Caesarea Maritima, Mount Carmel, Nazareth and Bethlehem. The second day started with what came to be a typical wake-up call in Israel. It was either the church […]

Engineers@Leisure: Middle East Meanders, part 1

  This saga covers a journey through Israel, Palestine and Egypt undertaken in May 2016. Although primarily a Christian pilgrimage, the itinerary included visits to archaeological, historical and scenic sites, and many of the places visited were of engineering interest. Download the pdf here

Engineers@Leisure: Development rugby is simply awesome

  As a rugby player from schoolboy days up to the end of 2015 for the Randfontein Senior Club, I have seen the positive impact the sport can have on one’s life. I think all South Africans have experienced this in some form. We all have a passion for the game and there just isn’t […]