Engineers@Lesiure: Gotta Do Dubai

  If you are gonna work hard, then you better play hard – so I decided to go play hard in Dubai. Having visited briefly once before, I was not done with Dubai. It was the architecture that captivated me – in fact it was the Burj Khalifa building that called the loudest, followed by […]

Engineers@Leisure: Roar of a war bird

From Hurricane Road to the Bethlehem Airshow Menno Parsons’ reputation preceeds him – a man who flies rather than drives, even to his place of work. His planes and helicopters, too, are the stuff of legend. One specifically – the P51 Mustang Sally – has earned him quite the reputation on the air show circuit. […]

Engineers@Lesiure: Touching base down South

  Following the exciting four-week journey down to Antarctica on the SA Aghulas II (see part 1), which included a more than two-week navigation through the pack ice, we reached Atka Bukta (bukta means “bay” in Antarctic lingo). One of the principal missions of the SA Agulhas II to Antarctica is to act as a resupply […]

Engineers@Leisure: The coldest of boat trips

I guess most of us have a “bucket list” of things we want to do or places we want to see while we are still boisterous and energetic enough to enjoy them to the fullest. My bucket list is primarily populated with places known for their natural beauty and remoteness. Antarctica was very high up […]

Engineers@Leisure: Cape Epic

  My teammate Geoff Wood and I decided to take on the Cape Epic cycle race. Entering a race like the Absa Cape Epic is not a decision you make easily. This year’s race was the 11th annual Absa Cape Epic, an eight day 729 km cycle race which includes 14 850 m of climbing, […]

Engineers@Leisure: The mighty craic

  In his free time Kieron Leeburn (chief engineer at CBI-Electric: African Cables), and his son Dominic (transmission and distribution studies engineer at Parsons Brinckerhoff), spend their free time together on DIY projects around their private pub and wine cellar – uniquely situated in an old mining tunnel on the East Rand (more). Download the […]

Engineers@Leisure: Bletchley Park – A stately home with secrets

  To many people, when looking back on the Second World War, images appear in their mind’s eye of bombed cities, of dogfights during the Battle of Britain and of U-boats wreaking havoc amongst the Atlantic convoys. To South Africans it is probably the tank battles in the deserts of Cyrenaica, where the Allies took […]

Engineers@Leisure: Engineer onboard the Queen Mary 2

  It has always been one of my bucket list items to sail on an ocean liner into the blue yonder. So, when I saw an advert that the Queen Mary 2 (QM2) would be docking at Cape Town on route to Sydney, Australia, I knew this was my opportunity. The decision came easy. I […]