Flicker-free LED panel lights

The range of high quality LED panel lights from Major Tech is efficient and supplied with a low-voltage EMC approved constant current flicker-free driver which is safe, saves energy, enables a long lighting lifetime and ensures the best possible light for any application. An anodised aluminium frame ensures excellent heat dissipation and therefore a longer […]

Speaker lantern features nine colours

Eurolux now stocks the Opal clear-handle speaker lantern designed by Mooni. The speaker lantern features nine colours in four colour modes – solid, flash, strobe, fade and smooth. The lantern features a sculpted, clear handle with the best combination of Scandinavian design and function. Users are able to set the mood with a full spectrum […]

Speaker-lamps from Scandinavia

Eurolux now stocks a new, simplistic and functional range of speaker-lighting combinations from Mooni. The Swedish brand produces LED and solar lighting that gives users a more flexible, economic way of illuminating both indoor and outdoor spaces. The speaker-lamps feature sculpted wood arches with a striking combination of Scandinavian design and function. Set the mood […]