New compulsory specification for incandescents

  VC8043, the compulsory specification for incandescent lamps, has been published but has not yet been reflected on the NRCS website. This specification covers the more efficient incandescent lamp and lays down requirements for light output (lamp efficacy) and a life requirement of >1000 h. The following three standards have been circulated for final voting […]

IESSA presents lighting school

This lighting course will be of value to everyone who designs and inspects lighting systems, in particular: • Municipal engineers, technicians and managers. • Building and industrial engineers, technicians and managers. • Electrical contractors and certified electricians. • Lighting equipment suppliers and buyers. • Electrical engineers – professionals and students requiring a competency to design […]

IESSA members to be certified “competent persons”

  IESSA members will be requested to apply to be certified by the Development Committee as “competent lighting designers/persons” in the various fields of speciality as ratified. The society believes that full IESSA members who follow the society’s guidance and the published lighting design guides should be deemed competent persons. IESSA registered designers should be […]