Safety light curtains and light grids

The safety light curtains and light grids from Ifm Electronic have been developed in accordance with current standards and certified by TÜV Süd. They meet the requirements type 2/SIL2 or type 4/SIL3, helping personnel to stay on the safe side, no matter what areas are to be protected. Versatile versions in a slim design are […]

Valves for assembly close to the actuator

The new, lightweight AV03 valve system from Bosch Rexroth has an ultra-compact design thanks to a diagonal arrangement of the valve components – making it ideal for assembly close to the actuator. The result is a lower pressure drop across the system, and optimised performance. Technical designers always try to position pneumatic valves as close […]

LED lighting for historic art gallery

Philips Lighting South Africa has lit the Phillips room in the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG). The room is named after Lady Phillips, wife of mining magnate Sir Lionel Phillips and founder of the gallery in 1915. The lighting installed is known as Coreline Trunking, an LED lighting solution which offers quality, reduced maintenance and energy […]

Biometrics for controlled access

Booyco Electronics’ key licensing system is attracting widespread interest in the local mining industry. The biometric key unit is the ideal solution where controlled access to moveable items is essential. This unit eliminates the injudicious borrowing of keys or access cards, thereby limiting access to sensitive and critical equipment. The system requires dual verification through […]

Metal halide luminaires for wall wash solution

Architectural lighting company Concord introduces the Beacon Wallwash luminaire. Based on Sylvania Metal Halide CMIT technology, the luminaire measures just 170 mm in length, yet can bathe an entire wall with floor-to-ceiling white light when mounted at a height of only 2 m. Available in 20, 35, 50 and 70 W, every luminaire comes with […]

Architectural lighting with low-power chip

Concord has introduced the Ascent 150 Square and Ascent 150 Shadow Gap LED luminaires which use low power LED chip assemblies and offer increased light output over previous versions. Square in form and up to date with architectural trends, the luminaires offer a range of options to create stylish lighting schemes. They boast high efficiency […]

Pressure sensors for pneumatic applications

The compact PQ Series pressure sensors from Ifm Electronic are designed for pneumatic applications such as robotics and material handling applications. They measure the full range of pressure and vacuum typical in these applications. The cube-shaped pneumatic pressure sensor easily retrofits traditional pressure switches at a fraction of the price. Measuring only 32 mm x […]

Multiple software options for label and sign printing

The DuraLabel Pro printer gives multiple software options for printing labels and signs. This printer does not require special software as it is compatible with software already on PCs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Any software which works with a computer printer will be compatible with this printer. It also comes with DuraSuite labelling […]

Brochure outlining contactors

Gigavac have released a new brochure outlining their expanding range of contactors. This includes: GX series of commercial contactors (800 V/600 A); MX Series (military specified contactors, 48 V up to 1000 A); MiniTactor (low cost sealed contactors up to 1500 V/50 A); HX series (high voltage contactors, 1500 V/350 A); Sensing contactors (voltage sensing […]

Surge, line protection meets new standards

The new Eaton Aegis series devices provide surge and line protection to help you meet power protection challenges in global commercial and industrial applications. The devices are let-through voltages and the highest noise attenuation for critical loads and facilities with stringent application requirements. Aegis series devices are engineered to meet evolving standards, including Underwriters Laboratories […]