Solar street lighting for mine intersections

Four intersections leading to Black Rock Mine in Northern Cape Province have been equipped with BEKA Schréder’s Solar lighting solution to provide a safer environment for pedestrians and motorists. Due to the mine’s isolated location, electrical reticulation would have been expensive and a solar solution was chosen. Thus, a Solar street lighting solution was installed. […]

Carbon filament lamps for warm hues

Eurolux stocks carbon filament lamps in a variety of shapes and filament designs. These lamps offer a rich, warm hue for homes, restaurants, hotels and retail outlets. They are available in 40 and 60 W options and in a variety of shapes and sizes. They have E27 bases but two models are available with B22 […]

Local lighting companies announce merger

Eurolux has announced that the conditions for its acquisition of Radiant Lighting have been met officially, with the effective date of the merger being 1 January 2019. According to Eurolux director Shaun Bouchier, the two companies, which will continue to operate as separate entities in the immediate future, have a combined 55 years’ experience in […]