Invisible yet essential for perfect track lights

Tridonic is making another contribution to miniaturisation with the new in-track driver up to 40 W. The driver and adapter, available in black or white, can be integrated in a 230 V 3-phase track to save space. A separate track box is therefore no longer necessary. Thanks to the wide operating window of 350 – […]

Floodlight solution at rugby field

BEKA Schréder has supplied an LED floodlight solution to the Danie Craven Rugby C-Field for the University of Stellenbosch. This Rugby field is used for training purposes and is illuminated by BEKA Schréder’s OMNIstar-maxi LED floodlights, installed on 35 m high masts, in preference to a high intensity discharge (HID) 1 kW metal-halide floodlight solution. […]

LED floodlights with fully isolated drivers

LED floodlight solutions have become popular in industrial and commercial holdings, and even more so with safety and security playing a vital part in decision making. Commercial and industrial floodlights are designed to provide bright, even lighting across widespread areas with ease. The HLF floodlight series from Major Tech is suitable for warehousing, agricultural holdings, parking lots […]