Brochure outlining contactors

Gigavac have released a new brochure outlining their expanding range of contactors. This includes: GX series of commercial contactors (800 V/600 A); MX Series (military specified contactors, 48 V up to 1000 A); MiniTactor (low cost sealed contactors up to 1500 V/50 A); HX series (high voltage contactors, 1500 V/350 A); Sensing contactors (voltage sensing […]

Circuit breakers with direct opening action

ACDC Dynamics, sole distributors of Terasaki in South Africa, offers a full range of moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) and air circuit breakers (ACBs). The Terasaki TemBreak2 range’s specifications exceed international standards for safety. Direct opening action, recommended by IEC standards for machine safety, are standard features in most models and ranges. A unique safety […]

Pump, compressor motor protection relays

NewElec’s KE range of microprocessor-based motor protection relays is ideally suited for motors used in air-conditioning, compressor, machine, conveyor, pumps and crusher applications. With a small footprint, the KE relays feature integrated CTs up to 50 A with extendable current ranges using interposing CTs. A door mounted MMI, fitted with an infrared sensor, permits access […]

System power supplies with autoranging outputs

Agilent Technologies has introduced two high-power system power supply families. The Advanced Power System (APS) family offers 1 and 2 kW power supplies for ATE applications, while the N8900 series provides programmable, 5, 10 and 15 kW power supplies with autoranging outputs for basic ATE applications. They feature Versapower architecture offering fast operation, advanced measurements […]

Motor protection for underground machinery

NewElec’s 100M Series of locally manufactured electronic motor protection relays is ideally suited for fitting into gate-end boxes for protecting underground coal cutting machinery and transformers. The series protects against phase unbalance and loss, even on lightly loaded motors. The relays accommodate, more exactly, the thermal withstand capabilities of the protected motor and provide thermal […]

Electronic ignition transformer

  Durag’s D-HG 55 electronic ignition transformer ensures safe and powerful ignition of gas and oil burners, as used in ovens and furnaces in chemical industries, incinerators or any other kind of industrial application. The powerful spark enables reliable ignition of gaseous and liquid fuels. Therefore, the spark of the electronic ignition transformer is approximately […]