Energy efficiency for machines: the smart choice for motorisation

  Information from Schneider Electric Machines are designed according to performance criteria and productivity but the rising cost of energy demands new strategies in terms of machine design. Download the Pdf

Largest ever maritime salvage challenges engineers

  by Edwina Ross, IDC Technologies Righting the ill-fated liner Costa Concordia off the environmentally-sensitive Tuscan coast has challenged engineers to the world’s largest maritime salvage project ever. Download the Pdf

Reasons for using controlled mechanical brakes – part 2

  by Grant Ray Sutherland, 1958 From the ICMEESA archive Controlled retardation through high-pressure, oil-controlled spring brakes speeds up the winding cycle of AC and DC winders with safety. Download the Pdf

Commercial heat pumps: a retrospective M&V case study

  by R Larmour, University of Cape Town Aspects of the measurement and verification (M&V) of a commercial energy efficiency project including optimal data usage; target specification and the possible effects of the subsidy structure on M&V credibility. Download the Pdf

Truths about UPS safety

  by Bob Lauricella and Zach Greenhaw, Eaton This article answers some common questions about UPS maintenance and how to reduce the risks associated with servicing UPSs and their batteries. When working with data center and commercial facility power systems, shocks of 100 to more than 2000 mA are possible. Energised electrical equipment also presents […]

Energy efficiency tax incentives – some practical issues and concerns

  Regulation 12L was promulgated in December 2013 and is currently “open for business”. Let’s look at the facts and what this could mean to your company. The announcement of 12L caused quite a stir in the industry with Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) and end-users alike, who have been awaiting the promulgation of regulation 12L […]

Managing diesel particulate matter

by Ossie Carstens, Deutz Dieselpower This article clarifies the origins of diesel particulate matter (DPM) in exhaust emissions and uses those insights to derive principles to manage these levels. Please download the PDF

A theoretical outline of selectivity

Information from ABB Selecting the protection system for electrical installations is fundamental to correct economical and functional service and to reduce problems caused by abnormal service conditions or actual faults. Please download the PDF

Reducing compressed air wastage in underground mines

by SJ Cloete and DF le Roux, BBE Energy, and RT Buhrmann, Rumeg Systems An investigation into compressed air wastage at the stopes in underground mines shows that rock drill operators (RDOs) leave manifold valves open due to negligence and for purposes of ventilation. Download the PDF document

Explosive environments: fundamentals of area classification

by Dr. Johannes Auret,  Explolabs A guide for plant management and technical staff on how to conduct an area classification, the process whereby the degree of exposure to explosive atmospheres for a plant area is determined. Download the PDF document