Suspect, counterfeit and fraudulent electrical product: targeting authenticity

by Tom Grace, Eaton Counterfeit electrical products are a real danger to our safety, businesses and economy. The counterfeiting industry is overwhelming, but that’s no reason to give up and let it continue. In many instances, counterfeit products appear to be genuine, but they are unable to meet minimum performance specifications. Manufacturers of counterfeit products […]

Lightning protection: leave it to the experts

  by Hans van de Groenendaal, EE Publishers Lightning protection is a serious, yet often underestimated issue, which requires professional equipment, installed professionally. Dehn Protection South Africa MD Alexis Barwise shares some strong views on the subject. Barwise says it is inadvisable to apply a rule of thumb and to think you and your property […]

Switchgear: To retrofit or to replace?

  by Hal Theobald, Schneider Electric Nothing in an industrial facility operates without a reliable flow of electricity and proper maintenance for the switchgear and switchboards which distribute electricity through the power system. Switchboards are more commonly used in commercial and light industrial applications while switchgear is usually specified in heavy industrial applications where the […]

Bearing currents in modern AC drive systems

  Information from ABB High-frequency (HF) currents flowing through motor bearings cause premature bearing failure but this can be remedied with HF bonding connections, low impedance path and symmetrical multicore motor cables. Download the pdf  

Using daylight harvesting for sustainability

  The commonsense science of daylight harvesting uses sunlight to create spaces which are comfortable, energy-efficient, sustainable and code compliant. Daylighting is a relatively new term for an ancient practice. In the millennia before the introduction of electricity, buildings had to rely on available daylight to illuminate interior spaces. More recently, daylight harvesting became almost […]

Benefits of simulation models for assessing energy savings on mine cooling systems

by Alistair Holman, Dr. Johann van Rensburg and Dr. Deon Arndt, CRCED Pretoria, North West University At a time of immense economic pressure and fragile labour relations in South Africa, it is important for mines to be energy efficient, reduce energy costs, ensure safe working conditions and to minimise unwanted downsizing. Download PDF

Characteristics and performance of a carbon dioxide trans-critical water to water heat pump

by Paul Maina and Zhongjie Huan, Tshwane University of Technology A study and findings on improvements in the efficiency of high-pressure CO2 heat pumps by varying their various operational parameters. Download PDF

General factors to consider in lighting design

  by Thomas Bond, ACDC Dynamics Lighting design for optimal light levels factors in location: the required illumination levels, working plane, lamp type, lumen output, mounting height and the required levels of uniformity. Download PDF

Unpacking the air circuit breaker – applications and development

by Paul Louw, ABB The development and applications of low voltage electrical circuit breakers, from the post-World War II days to the incorporation of the de-ionisation chamber in circuit breaker design in the 1940s, and the development and applications of the air circuit breaker. Reconstruction after World War II resulted in the modernisation of industrial […]