Fault-tolerant high-power LED systems driving multiple independent loads

The Power Research Group in the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Pretoria has developed fault-tolerant LED drivers which are suitable for supplying multiple independent loads. In most developed countries, as well as in South Africa, lighting loads consume up to 20% of all generated electricity. Until recently, most lighting […]

Extraordinary measures: the role of the lux meter

Different lux meters can provide different readings for the same LED. London Underground must provide safe levels of light for customers and staff, but this could be difficult without reliable lux measurements. London Underground, like much of the UK, is embracing LED lighting. Its low energy consumption and, more significantly, reduced maintenance, mean that there […]

Lightning and surge protection for outdoor lighting systems

A discussion on minimum dimensions of earthing conductors, as well as standardisation and potential control for connecting lamp poles and lightning equipotential bonding for outdoor wall lamps (LPZ0A). Whether outdoor lighting is wall-mounted or installed on open terrain, it remains important to determine the lightning protection zone, LPZ0A or LPZ0B. Outdoor lighting systems in LPZ0A […]

A new approach to luminaire quality evaluation

In August 2014, IESSA formed the Lighting Industry Technical Committee (LITC) to deal with matters of concern to the South African lighting industry. The LITC has also formed a working group tasked with evaluating the status of key industry challenges. The committee makes proposals to formulate action plans to deal with matters including SABS certification […]

Lighting for “Africa’s greenest hotel”

Hotel Verde, part of the BON Hotel Group, has been dubbed “Africa’s greenest hotel” for obvious reasons. Every aspect of the hotel is designed to be as sustainable as possible, employing efficient systems to save water and electricity while reducing waste. The building features green landscaping, a vegetated roof, three 3 kW vertical axis wind […]