Improving motor efficiency

  Some 20% of the estimated 65% of industrial energy used by electric motors is lost by wasteful throttling mechanisms, making it essential to reduce the energy appetite of motors. Energy consumption by electric motors can be reduced in two main ways – efficient control of the speed at which they run, and making the […]

The advantages of decentralised control

  An overview of decentralised motor control systems, their applications, savings incurred, programming, motor brake control, reliability and commissioning. In decentralised control systems, motor control functions are removed from a central control cabinet and distributed out on a machine so that control devices are located closer to the machine’s motors. This form of control was […]

Ventilation circuits applied to cylindrical rotor synchronous machines

  The main ventilation arrangements for cylindrical rotors in synchronous machines to dissipate heat from the stator and rotor windings. Cylindrical rotor synchronous machines are characterised by their rugged pole design. The poles are built flush with the rotor surface and their windings lie in slots in the rotor periphery, and are also called non-salient […]

Suspect, counterfeit and fraudulent electrical product: targeting authenticity

by Tom Grace, Eaton Counterfeit electrical products are a real danger to our safety, businesses and economy. The counterfeiting industry is overwhelming, but that’s no reason to give up and let it continue. In many instances, counterfeit products appear to be genuine, but they are unable to meet minimum performance specifications. Manufacturers of counterfeit products […]

Switchgear: To retrofit or to replace?

  by Hal Theobald, Schneider Electric Nothing in an industrial facility operates without a reliable flow of electricity and proper maintenance for the switchgear and switchboards which distribute electricity through the power system. Switchboards are more commonly used in commercial and light industrial applications while switchgear is usually specified in heavy industrial applications where the […]

Bearing currents in modern AC drive systems

  Information from ABB High-frequency (HF) currents flowing through motor bearings cause premature bearing failure but this can be remedied with HF bonding connections, low impedance path and symmetrical multicore motor cables. Download the pdf  

Unpacking the air circuit breaker – applications and development

by Paul Louw, ABB The development and applications of low voltage electrical circuit breakers, from the post-World War II days to the incorporation of the de-ionisation chamber in circuit breaker design in the 1940s, and the development and applications of the air circuit breaker. Reconstruction after World War II resulted in the modernisation of industrial […]

Industrial automation explained

by Gary Wilson, Siemens A basic guide to how switchgear, instrumentation and variable speed drives integrate with software and control systems to create industrial automation. The word “automation” means to control an industrial machine or process without human intervention. In this article, we focus on factory and process automation. Factory automation In factory automation, field […]