Vector Inbox: November/December 2014

  In this issue, our readers comment on the article, “Certificates of Compliance: the role of the conveyance attorney” (Vector, October 2014, page 3), relating to the purchase and sale of fixed property. Re: “Certificates of Compliance: the role of the conveyance attorney” Dear Editor As a member of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce, I […]

Vector Inbox: October 2014

  This month, our readers respond to our articles on training in the electrical contracting industry and on staying abreast with legislation, and voice concern about IESSA’s new committee to combat sub-standard product. Our winning letter Re: “The challenges of training in the electrical contracting industry” Dear Editor In the article, “The challenges of training […]

Vector Inbox, September 2014

  This month, a reader asks advice on connecting a small standby generator. Our winning letter re: Connecting a small standby generator Dear Editor Regarding the article, “How to size a generator set” (Vector, July 2014, page 77) our small factory has bought a 7,5 kVA single-phase generator from the local hardware shop to allow […]

Vector Inbox, August 2014

  This month, our readers commend SAFEHouse’s call to arms against non-compliant products in the industry and make some very valid points on combating this threat. Our winning letter Counterfeits threaten thousands of households Dear Editor I would like to commend Pierre Northard of SAFEHouse on his call to action in his article on sub-standard […]

Vector Inbox June 2014

  Submit your letters to and be in line to win a prize. This month, a reader responds to Prof. Philip Lloyd’s Lead Editorial, “Just what is ‘sustainable development’?” (see Vector, May 2014). Our winning letter Dear Editor I would like to offer comment on Prof. Philip Lloyd’s letter about sustainable development. I am […]

Vector Inbox April 2014

This month, our readers warn that personal liability has been imposed for non-payment of pension funds; respond to issues on the new IEC164-6 plug and socket configuration and explain why VC9012 only covers portable luminaires and luminaires which are handled frequently. Our winning letter Re: IEC164-6 plugs, sockets: why re-invent the wheel?”, Vector, March 2014 […]

Vector Inbox March 2014

This month, our readers address the issue of temperature rise in minisubs; question the new VC9012 standard for luminaires; express general dissatisfaction with the new IEC164-6 plug and socket configuration, and comment on the state of the skilled labour force, among others. Our winning letter Temperature rise in minisub transformers Dear Editor I would like […]

Vector Inbox, February 2014

  This month, our readers express their fears at losing engineering skills in consulting practices and call for a scrap metal Act to help curb copper theft.. Our winning letter: What about training for consultants? Dear Editor Brian Turner’s article on engineering skills in the January 2014 issue of Vector so correctly documents what has […]

Vector Inbox: Letters to the editor, January 2013

This month, our readers write about the political will (or lack thereof) to address copper theft in SA; the implementation of a scrap metal act, as well as the social impacts of “red metal” theft. We also find out who really founded Beka-Schréder. Please download the PDF