Web feature service modernised

July 4th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The latest version of the Web Feature Service standard is open for public comment. WFS 3.0 aligns with the current architecture of the web and the joint OGC-W3C Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices. It offers the capability to retrieve, create, modify and query spatial data on the Web. The key changes relate to its architecture, encodings, reuse, modularisation, schemas, and security.

As a result of this modernisation, WFS 3.0 implementations will not be backwards compatible with WFS 2.0 implementations per se. However, a design goal is to define WFS 3.0 in a way so that the WFS 3.0 interface can be mapped to an WFS 2.0 implementation.

The standard is a multi-part document. This first part specifies the core capabilities that every WFS has to support and is restricted to read-access to spatial data. Additional capabilities that address specific needs will be specified in additional parts. Examples include support for creating and modifying data, more complex data models, richer queries, and additional coordinate reference systems.

An overview of the modernization of WFS3.0, including the key changes, is available in the GitHub repository: The next version of WFS – an overview. The candidate WFS3.0 standard is available for review and comment. Comments should be submitted via the WFS 3.0 Issues Tracker in GitHub for this standard. Issues may be submitted for consideration through 31 December 2018.

Contact OGC, info@opengeospatial.org

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