RF noise is killing communication

What climate change is doing to cause erratic and unforeseen weather, so is uncontrolled increases in radio frequency (RF) noise affecting communications, eventually leading to disruption. Like climate change, there are many who doubt its existence and claim it is just a passing phase. The increasing level of the RF noise floor is created by […]

The millimetre bands are useless! Are they?

From the dawn of radio by Marconi and others, some segments of the radio spectrum were declared of no real value. The high frequency (HF) bands (shortwave) first earned this “useless position” because long and medium waves were considered the only frequencies of value. Then, radio amateurs pioneered international communications on shortwave and before long […]

Emerging technology: Conversational user interfaces

While most of us dislike talking to machines, the era of conversational user interfaces is here. How often don’t we mutter “I really would like to speak to a real person.” Well, don’t be surprised if the answer comes back, “I maybe a bot but I can answer your questions and solve your problems. Try […]