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Adroit events and training courses for 2017

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Registration: Email: samanthab@adroit.co.za or http://adroittech.co.za/training-order-and-booking-form/
Contact: Samantha Brink, Adroit Technologies, Tel 011 658-8100, samanthab@adroit.co.za

KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition (KITE) 2017

Date: 26 July 2017 – 28 July 2017
Type of event: Exhibition
Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Venue: Durban Exhibition Centre
Address: 11 Walnut Road, Durban
Website: Click here
Costs: Free event

KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition (KITE) forms an important link in the industrial technology chain. Providing its 110 exhibitors with a platform to showcase their products and services to the industry, KITE continues to form an integral part of any industrial technology company’s promotional strategy. No other locally based exhibition has the ability to attract a targeted audience that is focused on sourcing and buying the products and services on offer at KITE. The 2017 event is being held once again at the Durban Exhibition Centre, from 26 to 28 July 2017 and is set expand on its previous successes. KITE is unsurpassed in the sheer number of industrial technological developments it covers. These include displays and information on construction equipment and material; electronic components, energy solutions; environmental solutions; heavy machinery; hygiene products and services; industrial equipment and components; IT and telecommunications manufacturing equipment; materials handling; monitoring, process control and sensors; security equipment; workwear and protective equipment; plant and facility equipment; safety equipment and machinery; tools; and industrial services. In addition to such an extensive range of the province’s leading products and services, KITE also provides visitors with the opportunity to increase their knowledge base. The SAIMechE Seminar Theatre, which has proved so popular in previous years, will once again boast top-notch speakers, discussing new trends and legislation. In addition, LEEASA (Lifting Equipment Association of South Africa) will for the first time host a conference at KITE. Another new feature for KITE 2017 is the inclusion of a Propak Africa Pavilion. This premier tri-annual exhibition is Africa’s largest showcase of packaging, food processing and labelling technology and services which clearly complements the exhibitor offerings at KIT.

Registration: Email: natashah@specialised.com or www.kznindustrial.co.za/visiting.php#top
Contact: Natasha Heiberg, Specialised Exhibitions, Tel 010 003-3083, natashah@specialised.com

Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC) N/S Subcontract Agreement

Date: 26 July 2017 – 27 July 2017
Type of event: Training course
Time: 08:00 – 16:30
Venue: Coastlands Umhlanga Hotel
Address: 329 Umhlanga Rocks Dr, Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga Rocks, 4000, Durban
Website: Click here
Costs: Paid event

Subcontractors carry out important portions of building and construction work – so this means that the use of the Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC) Nominated/Selected Subcontract Agreement (or as it better known the JBCC N/S Subcontract Agreement) is widespread throughout the South African construction industry, or it should be! And as today’s building projects become more complex, Subcontractors really do need to understand all of the implications of the agreements that they enter into and sign. But on the flipside, with many Subcontractors so hungry for work – there are also cases whereby work is started without having a formal agreement in place. Whilst this sounds crazy…it is a very real problem and the world of subcontract agreements in the South African contracting environment is extremely murky. Not having a proper contract in place, or worse, not even a copy of the one you signed places you at enormous risk of losing your rights. In addition to this, more often than not changes or modifications drafted in-house to the JBCC N/S Subcontract Agreement by the Employer have consequences and results that are in fact quite different from those that were originally intended. These changes or modifications may be prejudicial and they can often impose (unknowingly) an enormous amount of additional risk on either or both parties. A lot of Subcontractors also complain that they are subject to unfair practices and even bullying tactics by some Main Contractors. That is where this training course comes in as we focus purely on the JBCC N/S Subcontract Agreement and zone in on key contract conditions as well as the rights and obligations of all the parties including how the risks are allocated. We will also cover the administrative requirements, dealing mostly with payments that tend not to be issued within the time limits specified in the contract which in turn often results in a Subcontractor’s worst nightmare…late or no payments – sometimes with unfair deductions. Most training courses give you countless ideas and text book theories that really have no real world application. This course is different and you will instantly build your skills set as you will learn practical tips and techniques that you can use immediately when you get back to work. Using interactive discussions as well as a series of real-life JBCC-focused case studies, you will leave this training course with a clear understanding of all of the parties’ rights and responsibilities when executing and performing the JBCC N/S Subcontract Agreement.

Registration: Email: faith@alusani.co.za
Contact: Faith Rukande, Alusani Skills and Training Network, Tel 011 447-7470, faith@alusani.co.za

4th Uganda Trade Expo  2017

Date: 9 August 2017 – 11 August 2017
Type of event: Exhibition
Time: 10:00 – 22:00
Venue: UMA Main Hall,Kampala,Uganda
Address: UMA Main Hall, Kampala,Uganda
Website: Click here
Costs: Free-of-charge

4th UGANDA TRADE EXPO 2017 will be held from 9-11 August 2017 at the Kampala, UMA Main Hall. This show targeting Uganda’s key economic industry, it will provide international countries a professional international business platform to share industrial information, technologies as well as to prepare business, investments and joint ventures.ENTRY IS FREE

Registration: Email: info@brightexhibitions.com or http://www.brightexhibitions.com
Contact: Mr.Moiz, Bright Exhibitions, Tel +971-55 837 8533, info@brightexhibitions.com

Industrial and Commercial Use of Energy Conference

Date: 14 August 2017 – 16 August 2017
Type of event: Conference
Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Venue: TBA
Address: Cape Town
Website: Click here
Costs: Paid event

The conference will focus on load management, and it will provide cutting-edge “real world” solutions to do more with less energy, by reducing energy losses and related costs. Technologies to improve overall performance in industrial plants, business, institutional and government facilities will also be addressed.

Registration: Email: icue@cput.ac.za or http://energyuse.org.za/icue/
Contact: Nadia Cassiem, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Tel 021 959-4330, icue@cput.ac.za

Safe Earthing & Bonding In Rail Systems

Date: 24 August 2017 – 25 August 2017
Type of event: Workshop
Time: 08:00
Venue: Emperors Palace – Hotel Casino & Entertainment
Address: 64 Jones Road, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
Website: Click here
Costs: Paid event

This course provides participants with a sound basis in science and practical examples for understanding and problem solving with earthing systems in the rail environment. The course begins with an introduction to the physics of earthing including the areas of circuit fundamentals, conductive effects, proximity, mutual earth resistance and inductive coupling. It will then cover soil resistivity fundamentals, field testing and model assessment and derivation before moving on to empirical and analytical voltage design methods and analysis issues for typical applications. The course includes interactive practical sessions where we will ‘see’ how specific changes and errors affect outcomes which is invaluable in turning information into understanding. Over the course, participants will be invited to present real life issues and examples they have wrestled with, which will then be analysed using the understanding and skills developed during the program.

Registration: Email: ben@blue-aa.co.za
Contact: Benedict Mukalula, Blue Anchor Academy, Tel 011 074-9932, ben@blue-aa.co.za


SARPA 21st Annual Convention 2017

Date: 24 August 2017 – 25 August 2017
Type of event: Conference & Exhibition
Time: Two day Convention
Venue: Eskom Convention Centre
Address: Midrand
Website: Click here
Costs: Paid event

The Association will be holding its 21st Annual Convention on 24 and 25 August 2017 at the Eskom Convention Centre in Midrand. Revenue protection service providers have always played a significant role in equipping our members. This convention aims to share information and knowledge between role-players in the revenue protection environment and to equip our members’ utilities to minimise revenue losses. Every year more and more Municipal Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Councillors, Electrical, Civil and Water Engineers, SAPS, International Utilities and Quasi-State Utilities attend the SARPA Convention on the basis that it is the one and only forum in South Africa that focuses on a holistic approach to securing the income of your council or utility for services provided to the public.

Registration: http://www.sarpa.co.za/Events/Convention.aspx or Email: melindi@vdw.co.za
Contact: Melindi Bosch, SARPA, Tel 011 061-5000, melindi@vdw.co.za

Autodesk University South Africa

Date: 08 September 2017
Type of event: Conference & Exhibition
Time: 08:00 – 18:00
Venue: Century City Conference Centre
Address: No. 4 Energy Lane, Century City, Cape Town
Website: Click here
Costs: Paid Event

Autodesk University South Africa is the Premier Autodesk conference for those who design, build, make and create. AU South Africa helps you improve your business by learning innovative techniques, best practices and new workflows with Autodesk software. It’s your annual opportunity to learn from international Autodesk experts and network with your peers.

Registration: Email: inken@tozer.co.za or www.ausouthafrica.co.za
Contact: Tozer Events, Inken Gartrell, Tel 010 590-5537, inken@tozer.co.za

Electra Mining Botswana

Date: 12 September 2017 – 14 September 2017
Type of event: Exhibition
Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Venue: Gaborone Fairgrounds
Address: Gaborone, Botswana, PO Box 2162
Website: Click here
Costs: Free event

Mining Botswana will play a vital role in bringing related industries together at one location in Botswana for visitor and exhibitor convenience. A premier showcase that brings new products, services and technology to market with excellent success, exhibitors benefit from on-site sales, plenty of sales leads and brand visibility, all major advantages of being part of Electra Mining Botswana 2017. Botswana has a well-developed mining sector and the excavating of rich mineral reserves has been a significant driver of Botswana’s economic growth. But Electra Mining Botswana is not just a mining show, it embraces mining, industrial, power generation and machine tools industries, the show will provide an enabling environment for visitors and exhibitors to network with key decision-makers, make valuable business connections, discover the latest in technology developments and to find out about the latest new products, equipment and services. Add the full complement of free-to-attend seminars and you give even more value for visitors across the 3 power-packed days.

Registration: Email: leighm@specialised.com or http://www.electramining.co.bw/index.php
Contact: Leigh Miller, Tel 010 003-3060, leighm@specialised.com

5th Going Green Conference

Date: 13 September 2017 – 15 September 2017
Type of event: Conference
Time: 08:00 – 17:00
Venue: Public Works Conference Centre
Address: 455a King Cetshwayo, Durban, Mayville
Website: Click here
Costs: Paid event

The Going Green Conferences (GGCs) started as the “Going Green in Public Health Facilities” conferences in Cape Town, South Africa as a platform to enable technical experts to discuss real world working solutions towards achieving optimal efficiencies within the public health sector’s infrastructural services and maintenance for three consecutive years. The GGCs have evolved to focus on the broader infrastructural portfolio that includes educational, health and general facilities, owing to growing interests by conference delegates. The 2017 Going Green Conference (GGC2017) delegates comprise a wide variety of built environment experts from the academic, private and public sectors in South Africa and abroad. The GGC2017 will provide an open platform conference to encourage industry-wide participation in developing the Building Efficiency Technical guidelines which intend to provide guidance to professionals participating within infrastructure projects. This working document has been developed by academic, private and public sector experts that have attended the previous GGCs.  The 5th GGC delegates will continue to develop the document and once completed, it will be freely available to both public and private sector.

Registration: Email: ggc2017@greenbdg.org.za or http://www.goingreenconference.org
Contact: Songo Didiza, GreenBDG, Tel 079 137-7931, songo@greenbdg.org.za

1st African Operations Management Conference 2017

Date: 2 October 2017 – 4 October 2017
Type of event: Conference
Time: 08:00 – 18:00
Venue: Misty Hills Country Hotel
Address: Muldersdrift Estate, Drift Boulevard (R114), Muldersdrift
Website: Click here
Costs: Paid event

The University of South Africa is proud to host the African Operations Management with the theme “Competitive Operations Management for Driving Africa Forward”. The aim of the conference is to bring together industry giants and experienced academics in this unique international setting. Our vision is to be in the front line and to drive Africa forward by harnessing the knowledge and experience within the field of Operations Management. Themes to be covered include: Production and Operations Management, Safety Management, Quality Management, Work Study, Project Management, Office and Administrative Management, Sustainability, competitive intelligence and ethics, Supply Chain, Competitive intelligence, Humanitarian operations management, Industry 4.0 revolution in Operations Management, Business Enterprise Systems and Technology.

Registration: Email: thereza@technoscene.co.za or www.regonline.com/aomc2017
Contact: Anthea Amadi-Echendu, UNISA, Tel 012 429-2627, amadiap@unisa.ac.za

SA Energy Storage 2017

Date: 27 November – 29 November 2017
Type of event: Exhibition and conference
Time: 08:00 – 17:00
Venue: Emperors Palace, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng
Address: 64 Jones Rd, O.R. Tambo, Kempton Park
Website: Click here
Costs: Paid event

A focussed conference and exhibition covering policy, regulatory, economic, technology, business and application issues associated with Energy Storage, both as a disrupting and an enabling technology.

SA Energy Storage 2017 provides a platform for energy storage technologies, tools, skills, services, solutions and applications. Within the theme and sub-themes of the conference, there will be a focus on leading-edge innovative technologies, skills, solutions and applications for business leaders, managers, data analysts, engineers, scientists, project managers and decision-makers from all sectors of the economy.

Registration: Email: charmaine.manicom@ee.co.za or www.energystorage.co.za
Contact: Charmaine Manicom, EE Publishers, Tel 011 543-7000, charmaine.manicom@ee.co.za

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