EngineerIT features: Computing and Software


January: High performance computing and computing innovation; big data analytics; impact of IoT on big data; industrial PCs, tablets and smartphones; augmented and virtual reality

High performance computing (HPC); scalable infrastructure to accelerate innovation and boost productivity; purpose-built solutions; adaptive software and solutions; industrial computers for process control and data acquisition in rugged environments; terminal services; big data analytics on and offline; real-time analytics; impact of IoT on big data handling and analytics; augmented and virtual reality applications.

February: Data storage in the cloud; business IT and database applications; integration of plant and enterprise IT; impact of POPI Act on data storage; alternative data storage methods

Services, software applications and storage in the cloud; ERP, MRP, MIS, MES, IRP, CRM, CMS, accounting and other IT applications; integration of automation and process control systems within the overall enterprise IT system; large and distributed database systems; POPI Act impact on cloud storage; encryption for cloud services; alternative ways of storing data.

March: Data security; security as a cloud service; firewalls and security for networks, internet environments; biometrics

Security as a service in the cloud; minimising software and data security risks; protection against viruses and malware; biometrics, passwords and encryption; installation and managing of firewalls; cloud security services; local, remote and internet data backup systems.

April: Data centres and power supply; green computing and energy storage; UPSs, batteries and back-up generators; renewable energy systems

Developments in data centre power management and utilisation; power and energy efficient hardware and software applications; recycling, clean power and other “green” computing and IT issues; UPSs, standby power and back-up generators; renewable energy and solar power systems.

May: Big data; IoT data handling; software project management tools; software quality; open source software; software development for gaming

Role and handling of big data; IoT data handling; impact of CMMI; software engineering and design tools; emulators and simulators for rapid software development; low and high-level languages and instruction sets; CAD/CAM and 3D engineering design; GUI software development tools and platforms; software development for gaming.

June: Biometric technology and applications; CCTV, access control and security; cabling, interconnections and surge protection

Biometric technology and applications; computer-based security systems; CCTV and access control; developments in fingerprint, face recognition, DNA, palm-print, hand geometry, iris recognition, odour/scent and voice recognition; cabling, interconnections and surge protection systems.

July: Virtualisation and its impact; security issues with virtualisation; software as a service (SaaS); platform as a service (PaaS); security in a virtualised environment

Hardware virtualisation; execution of software separated from the underlying hardware resources; hardware-assisted virtualisation; full, partial and para-virtualisation accommodating guest operating systems for higher efficiency; cloud and web-service applications in computing; security measures, tools and applications for virtual environments.

August: Security in the network environment; encryption and compression techniques

Privacy, network security, firewalls, encryption and compression techniques for Ethernet, TCP/IP, WiFi, Diginet and other LANs, WANs, intranets and the internet; virtual private networks (VPN); cloud and value-added network services (VANS); communications hardware, software and middleware.

September: Real-time and embedded software and computing; digital signal processing and applications; training and education; operating systems

Real-time and embedded software and hardware design and integration; high-level coding and compilers; simulators, emulators, testing and debugging; DSP software design, simulation and modelling; DSPs in image, pattern and speech recognition and synthesis; communication, audio, video, smart card and other applications.

October: Data centres; local vs overseas storage, archiving and back-up; memory and data storage technologies; storage in the cloud

Vendor-neutral data centres; local vs overseas data storage; databases and associated software; data storage, database archiving and back-up technologies and practices; archiving and back-up on magnetic, optical, flash memory and other data storage technologies and techniques.

Nov/Dec: Cloud computing and PC trends: desktop, notebook, netbook, tablets, smartphones, peripherals; gamification for training, education and safety

Cloud computing and developments in desktop, notebook, netbook and tablet PCs; trends in smartphone and unified communication systems; technology developments in screen, printer, scanner, keyboard and other peripherals; special-purpose application cards and technologies; computer simulation, virtual reality and gamification for training, education and safety.