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In every issue of PositionIT there are four main sections:

  • Data acquisition: Surveying and data acquisition
  • Data processing: GIS and data processing
  • Data presentation: Cartography, mapping, data visualisation and presentation
  • Applications: Geomatics, geospatial, location-based intelligence services, and other applications


Data acquisition: Land and cadastral surveying – for rural, farm, township and urban planning, development, construction and consolidation; associated surveying instruments; cadastres for land and mine management and administration.

Data processing: Professional GIS certification and South African GIS legislation; data validation and quality – digitisation of data; data integrity and monitoring; data quality and quality control; spectral, temporal, spatial and resolution properties of data; associated software, systems and services.

Data presentation: Processing and presentation of aerial and satellite images; airborne SAR images; orthophotography and digital photogrammetric technologies; stereoscopic mapping, image correction and enhancement techniques; spatial, image and resolution properties.

Applications: Surveying and GIS applications for managing underground utility infrastructure (water, electricity, gas and telecomms); GIS for hydrological modelling; business geo-analysis and location-based business intelligence, billing and marketing applications.


Data acquisition: Surveying for natural resource management and mineral exploration;  hydrology for marine management and exploration; terrestrial, aerial and marine sensor systems; associated surveying equipment and technologies.

Data processing: Spatial information management and database software; GIS architecture, performance and system optimisation; GIS in government for tracking infrastructure development and provision of public services; major GIS projects in Africa; GIS application software, systems and services.

Data presentation: Mapping of 3D spaces for mining, infrastructure and construction; image processing; laser scanning, imaging and mapping; 3D modelling and visualisation technology for infrastructure development; associated visualisation and presentation products, technologies and techniques.

Applications: Business, mining and industrial applications using handheld GPS devices; automated geospatial systems; augmented and virtual reality platforms; RFID and other wireless technologies.


Data acquisition: RPAS/UAV and mobile surveying platforms for land, engineering, mine and marine surveying; RPAS/UAV licensing, training, standards, equipment, systems and services; hydrographic mapping and geophysical surveys.

Data processing: Internet of things and big data analytics; data storage; geospatial policies; data validation and redundancy; image correction and enhancement techniques; GISc research applications – environment, climate and meteorology.

Data presentation: Mapping of water, oil, gas, minerals, agricultural and other natural resources; mapping and cartographic software; associated visualisation and presentation products, technologies and techniques.

Applications: Geomatics for housing, health, poverty alleviation, economic upliftment and development; geomatics education initiatives; geospatial applications for sporting events and the entertainment industry.


Data acquisition: Surveying in mines and quarries – surveying for drilling, blasting, and volumetrics; construction and tunnelling operations; optimisation of mining operations and railway surveying.

Data processing: Data analysis – manipulation and analysis of spatial utilities (roads, electricity, telecommunications, gas, water, sewage, etc.); 3D GIS for engineering, surveying and construction; statistical and spatial analysis, modelling and other data analysis techniques; associated software, systems and services.

Data presentation: Mapping and visualisation platforms for disaster and hazardous area management; visual display screens, data projectors, printers, plotters, and scanners; thermal and hyperspectral cameras; aerial cameras and digital mapping systems; other associated computer hardware and peripherals.

Applications: Surveying and GIS for telecommunication and major infrastructure projects; satellite and RFID tracking systems for asset management, containers, vehicles and personnel; geospatial information technology for businesses.


Data acquisition: Engineering surveying for construction, harbours, dams, mines, roads, buildings, civil, mechanical and electrical works; associated tools and equipment.

Data processing: Processing of RPAS/UAV data; interpretation and analysis of captured data; metadata and data archiving; standards and inter-operability; geocoding; data scanning; data storage and retrieval; associated hardware and software, systems and services.

Data presentation: Accident scene mapping and 3D accident simulations; 3D spatial modelling and visualisation systems; 3D fly-throughs and virtual environments; contour modelling; cameras, multimedia data visualisation, presentation systems and techniques; associated products, systems and services.

Applications: Radar, GNSS, RFID and sonar for construction, transport, mining, industrial, business, marine and military applications; surveying and GIS for rural and urban planning, roads and infrastructure development; geographically distributed SCADA systems and applications.


Data acquisition: Photogrammetric surveying – by aeroplane, helicopter, satellite, RPAS/UAV and other remote sensing techniques; aerial photography and surveying equipment, systems and services; airborne laser systems and services; hyperspectral and thermal surveys.

Data processing: Computer hardware and peripherals for GIS – data acquisition terminals, handheld GIS data collectors with multi-sensors; digitisers, scanners, PDAs, notebook computers, PCs, servers and data storage systems; augmented and virtual reality platforms.

Data presentation: 3D geo-data collection, digital surface models and digital elevation models; mapping of geological features and land-form change; hydrographic charts for safe navigation; risk and disaster mapping; digital mapping solutions for businesses; online interactive maps and automated map production.

Applications: Location-based services for events, security, crime fighting, statistics and analysis; geospatial applications for event management, risk analysis, insurers, mining, disaster management and emergency responses; geomatics and predictive analysis for crime and security; forensic surveys
and accident site reconstruction.


Data acquisition: Satellite and sensor technologies for asset protection, surveillance, reconnaissance and monitoring; monitoring of the environment, natural resources, ocean economy; satellite monitoring of transport and strategic infrastructure.

Data processing: GIS and big data; internet of things and data for smart cities; data importing, merging and handling – open software platforms; SDI initiatives, GIS data storage platforms, data sharing and interoperability; GIS standards and open source GIS.

Data presentation: 3D design software for architecture, building, engineering and infrastructure; building information modelling (BIM); software solutions to design, engineer, build and operate road and railway networks, bridges, buildings, industrial plants, power plants and utility networks.

Applications: Surveying applications for construction; GIS for facility and logistics management; location-based information services for business, insurance, retail and banking; GIS and remote sensing for weather forecasting, risk management, environment and disaster management.


Data acquisition: Hydrographic surveying – surveying of dams, lakes, coastlines, continental shelves and marine resources; associated surveying equipment, systems and services; territorial concerns and environmental legislation; education and training for surveyors.

Data processing: Spatial and resolution properties of data; image correction and enhancement techniques; data scanning and plotting; associated software, systems and services. Processing and utilisation of RPAS/UAV data. Photogrammetric software solutions and services.

Data presentation: Mobile mapping; indoor mapping; crime mapping and analysis; mapping of disaster areas; bathymetric mapping; mapping products, software, systems and services; data visualisation and presentation hardware, software and peripherals, including cameras, printers, plotters, scanners, visual display screens, and data projectors.

Applications: Surveying and GIS applications for electricity supply utilities, electricity reticulation and electrification; revenue control and asset management applications; surveying and GIS for wind farms, solar parks, and hydropower and nuclear power stations.


Data acquisition: Geodetic surveying; surveying of geological and natural formations; seismological measurements; monitoring of movement, tilting and deformation of the earth and structures on it; surveying of archaeological sites; associated land and construction surveying equipment, systems and services.

Data processing: Crowd-sourcing, volunteered geographic information, open data, open source software, standards and interoperability; spatial data infrastructure in South Africa, Africa and internationally; and associated hardware and software, systems and services.

Data presentation: Cartographic design, map production and thematic mapping; topographical mapping indicating surface features, positions and elevations; building, street and urban mapping; navigation charts; asset mapping; mapping for civil engineering and infrastructure projects.

Applications: Satellite monitoring and early warning systems for agricultural, marine and environmental monitoring; positioning and guidance solutions for precision farming; remote sensing and geospatial applications for mining, forestry, fisheries and agriculture. GNSS-based ship, vehicle and aircraft navigation and guidance systems.

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