PositionIT: Features


In every issue of PositionIT there are four main sections:

  • Geomatics, surveying and measurement
  • ConstructionIT and MiningIT
  • 3D modelling, mapping and visualisation
  • GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Land and cadastral surveying for rural, farm, township and urban planning; land reform and redistribution; property development, construction and consolidation; associated surveying instruments. Surveying applications for managing underground utility infrastructure (water, electricity, gas and telecomms).

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Construction software, services and solutions for cost management, project design and optimisation, and estimation. Software, services and solutions for designing, planning, managing and optimising mining operations.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: 3D mapping for mining, infrastructure and construction; image processing; laser scanning, imaging and mapping; 3D modelling, design and visualisation platforms and technologies for infrastructure development; associated visualisation and presentation products, technologies and techniques.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: Business geo-analysis and location-based business intelligence, addressing, billing and marketing applications. Data integrity, data management and data quality control; metadata; and associated software, systems and services. Data privacy – POPI Act and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Surveying in mines and quarries – surveying for drilling, blasting, and volumes; construction and tunnelling operations; services and solutions for optimising mining operations and railway surveying.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Information management and design software and solutions for construction. Mine planning and design software; surface and deformation monitoring solutions; and software, services and systems for mine management.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: Processing and presentation of aerial and satellite images; airborne SAR images; orthophotography and digital photogrammetric technologies; stereoscopic mapping, image correction and enhancement techniques; spatial, image and resolution properties.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: Spatial information management and database software, hardware, systems and services; GIS architecture, performance and system optimisation; GIS for tracking infrastructure development and provision of public services; and GIS for hydrological modelling and water resource management.


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Drone (RPAS/ UAV) and mobile surveying platforms for land, engineering, geophysical, seismic, mine and hydrographic surveying; RPAS/UAV licensing, training, standards, equipment, systems, operations and services.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Smart construction design techniques and standards; software and solutions for intelligent construction costing. Rugged computing and mobile systems; mobile outdoor operation platforms; handheld GPS devices; and RFID and other wireless technologies for mining and construction.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: Mapping of water, oil, gas, minerals, agricultural and other natural resources; mapping and cartographic software; associated visualisation and presentation products, technologies and techniques.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: GIS and big data; internet of things and data for smart cities; data importing, merging and handling; open software platforms; spatial data infrastructure (SDl) initiatives. Location-based information services and applications for business, marketing, insurance, retail and banking.


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Engineering surveying for construction, harbours, dams, mines, roads, buildings, civil, mechanical and electrical works; associated tools and equipment. Machine control products for agriculture, construction and mining.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Software and e-solutions for cost and design management, procurement, capital planning and fund tracking in the mining and construction sectors. Asset optimisation solutions for improved performance, production and cost reduction. CAD design and planning software solutions.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: Accident scene mapping and 3D accident simulations; 3D spatial modelling and visualisation systems; 3D fly-throughs and augmented and virtual reality platforms; contour modelling; cameras, multimedia data visualisation, presentation systems and techniques; associated products, systems and services.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: Processing of RPAS/UAV data; interpretation and analysis of captured data; metadata and data archiving; standards and interoperability; geocoding; data scanning; data storage and retrieval; associated hardware and software, systems and services.


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Hydrographic surveying – surveying of oceans, dams, coastlines, continental shelves and marine resources; associated surveying equipment, systems and services. Role of geomatics in resolving maritime territorial concerns and in support of developing South Africa’s ocean economy.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Software and solutions for drilling and blast management; and asset management and maintenance strategy optimisation. Real-time positioning solutions for construction and mining equipment, activity management and monitoring.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: 3D design software for architecture, building, engineering and infrastructure; building information modelling (BIM); software solutions for designing, engineering, building and operating road and railway networks, bridges, buildings, industrial plants, mines, power plants and utility networks.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: Spatial and resolution properties of data; image correction and enhancement techniques; data scanning and plotting; associated software, systems and services. GIS applications for electricity supply utilities, electricity reticulation and electrification; revenue control and asset management applications.


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Photogrammetric surveying by aeroplane, helicopter, satellite, RPAS/UAV and other remote sensing techniques; aerial photography and surveying equipment, systems and services; airborne laser systems and services; hyperspectral and thermal surveys.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Schedule management, change management, forecasting, and contingency management. Software and solutions for planning and design review; administration, process management and field management. Software, e-services and solutions for mining and construction.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: 3D data collection, digital surface models and digital elevation models; mapping of geological features and land-form change; hydrographic mapping; risk and disaster mapping; digital mapping solutions for businesses; online interactive maps and automated map production.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: Handheld GIS data collectors with multi-sensors; digitisers, scanners, PDAs, notebook computers, PCs, servers and data storage systems; augmented and virtual reality headsets and platforms. Geospatial applications for crime and forensic assessment, insurers, disaster management and emergency responses.


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Satellite and sensor technologies for asset protection, surveillance, reconnaissance and monitoring; monitoring of the environment, natural resources, water, ocean economy; satellite monitoring of transport and strategic infrastructure. Geodetic surveying; monitoring of movement; associated land and construction surveying equipment, systems and services.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Collaboration platforms e.g. BIM, data management and integration for architecture, construction and mining. Mobile computing for the construction and mining sectors. Software and solutions for monitoring occupational safety, disaster management, claims mitigation, compliance and benchmarking.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: Modelling and 3D design software for engineering, construction and mining projects. Map production and design, thematic mapping, topographical mapping; indoor mapping, street and urban mapping; navigation charts; and asset mapping; Data visualisation and presentation hardware, software and peripherals, including cameras, printers, plotters, scanners, visual display screens and data projectors.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: GIS for education, housing, health, poverty alleviation, economic upliftment, rural and urban planning, and roads and infrastructure development. Crowdsourcing, volunteered geographic information, open data, open source software, standards and interoperability; spatial data infrastructure; and associated hardware and software, systems and services. Remote sensing and geospatial applications for construction, mining, forestry, fisheries and agriculture.