Overhead line and cable differential protection relay
  WoodBeam announces the introduction of the Reyrolle Solkor N 7SR18 overhead line and cable differential protecti
Renewable energy deployment in Egypt
  Adnan Z. Amin, director-general of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) recently met  with H.E. Abd
Efficiency and environmental protection in coal-fired power stations
  The installation of a number of induced-draft (ID) fans ensure efficient and reliable operation at South Africa
Understanding Eskom’s nuclear ambitions – an interview with David Nicholls
  In an exclusive interview, Chris Yelland, investigative editor at EE Publishers, posed ten questions to David Nic
Aeroderivative turbines for power generation
  The importance of renewable power generation technologies such as wind, solar and tidal cannot be questioned. But
Off-grid and mini-grid market outlook, Q1 2017
  This is the inaugural issue of a quarterly assessment of the latest developments in distributed energy and electr
Five future challenges for industrial Ethernet switches
  The benefits of IP convergence, such as enhanced efficiency, improved manageability, and lower total cost of owne
Call for papers: Earthing Africa 2017 symposium and exhibition
  The inaugural symposium and exhibition on earthing, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and lightning protection
Monitor systems of today are digital and intelligent
  Industrial monitor technology for running and monitoring processes in the control room and the field is changing.
IoT innovation gives South African manufacturers an economic boost
  South Africa’s manufacturing industry has shown steep declines over the last few years, driven by global econom