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See examples of two Press Offices hosted by EE Publishers here:

A Press Office for a particular client includes:

  • Hosting of up to 8 new press releases or white papers per month: company news, project news, technology news, product news, people news, event news, training news, etc.
  • Typically one image per press release (more for white papers).
  • SEO tagging for each press release or white paper.
  • Dedicated “mini-website” with your company name, masthead image, logo, branding, contact details and company description.
  • Optional slogan for the masthead image (up to 10 words).
  • Monthly reminders from the Press Office Manager to you to send your press releases and white papers.
  • Three tabs on your mini-website as follows:
    • News: Feed of your press releases with 10 press releases per page arranged in date order, showing title, intro and featured image for each press release.
    • About: 200 words (max) introducing your company and what you do.
    • Contact: Your business telephone numbers, email address, website, map, postal and physical address.

Value Proposition:

  • Your company press releases are hosted on an independent media website targeting your sector.
  • Your company press releases are hosted on a high-traffic website with global exposure 24/7 guaranteed.
  • Widgets are provided on each press release to enable sharing via social media, email and printing.
  • Your Press Office provides a permanently accessible archive of your press releases.
  • Your Press Office provides enhanced exposure with SEO for all leading search engines.
  • Guaranteed publishing of all your press releases unedited and in full (maximum 8 per month).
  • Ownership of copyright of the press releases remains yours.
  • Your Press Office keeps the target sector and audience up-to-date with your company news.
  • Your Press Office enhances the possibility of your news being used in EE Publishers’ print magazines, email newsletters and website.


  • 6-month contract: R5000 + VAT per month for 6 months
  • 12-month contract: R4200+ VAT per month for 12 months

For more information regarding the Press Office, contact Joanne Taylor, Tel 011 543-7000,