Articles: Energize

Producing industrial hydrogen from renewable energy

  Producing hydrogen requires a large amount of energy which is usually generated from carbon-emitting technologies such as coal-fired power stations. This article proposes a return to the way hydrogen used to be produced – by electrolysis of water, powered by renewable energy sources. Over 60-million tonnes of hydrogen is produced every year for a […]

Eskom board appoints acting CEO

  Eskom has announced the appointment of Johnny Dladla as Acting Group Chief Executive with immediate effect. Dladla has 22 years of experience within the power utility,  including five years as CEO of Eskom Enterprises and its subsidiaries. Dladla, a Chartered Marketer, has studied across a range of critical fields including finance and accounting at Harvard Business School, […]

Maintaining stability in an unstable economy

  During a recent visit from France, Schneider Electric’s vice president of international operations, Luc Rémont, held a briefing on the company’s outlook regarding the African energy market during unstable times. While South Africa’s recent downgrade in investment grade is cause for concern, Rémont said that this is a reality of operating in developing nations. […]

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