Featured: Energize

Hydrogen and battery research facility launched

  South Africa is constantly improving mineral processing technologies to enable more cost-effective and wider exploitation of mineral resources. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) officially launched a suite of laboratories at the CSIR in Pretoria on 27 November 2014, dedicated to hydrogen and energy storage research. Speaking at the launch, Imraan Patel, the […]

Evaluating energy efficiency on a coal power plant’s performance

  Eskom has embarked on energy efficiency initiatives on its coal boiler plants in a bid to decrease the amount of coal burnt and in turn increase the electricity generated. This study focused on the analysis of the before and after outage data obtained from the unit cards in one of the Eskom’s “once through” […]

Expansion joint design and supply

  High pressure piping systems in petrochemical, mining and power generation applications need specially designed expansion joints to improve flexibility in their installation. This paper describes the design and manufacturing of these important piping components. Expansion joints, also commonly known as bellows or compensators, are components which provide increased flexibility in piping systems, where space […]

The Jacob Marley column: Conferences

  Sir The recent annual AMEU convention caused me to reflect on the curious habit of congregating in what is styled a “conference” – although now often referred to by as many different nomenclatures as there are specialised fields for trooping together in these ritual gatherings. As the year draws to a close, there are […]

Medupi’s ash conveyor commissioned

  Medupi’s overland ash conveyor was successfully commissioned and operated from the DCS for the first time. The ash overland conveyor will transport the boiler bottom ash via the Unit 6 coarse ash, transverse ash and the overland link conveyor which includes the fly ash from the pulse jet fabric filter plant and ash conditioning plant, to the […]

Cable theft suspects caught

  Power utility City Power made a major breakthrough in the fight against cable theft when it arrested four suspects who confessed to be the masterminds behind the theft of the electricity cable in Eikenhof that led to widespread water outages in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Ekurhuleni and the West Rand two months ago. The water shortage […]

Saving the world by saving energy

  When opening the 2014 SAEE Convention on 12 November 2014, the president of the Southern African Association of Energy Efficiency (SAEE), spoke of the benefits of energy efficiency to businesses that are trying to remain sustainable while experiencing ever increasing energy costs. Although all energy solutions are important as part of an energy mix, […]

Majuba output continues to increase

  The latest news from Eskom is that its Majuba power station’s output has increased to 1900 MW. Majuba suffered the collapse of one of its three coal silos on 1 November 2014, and the utility reduced the station’s output to 600 MW. Since then, Eskom has managed to increase the station’s output progressively to its […]

Extending standby generator lifetime through maintenance

  Standby and portable generator maintenance has become almost synonymous with achieving reliability, with the role of the maintenance professional being to maintain generation equipment at its peak operating reliability in the most cost effective manner possible. This paradigm shift has come about over the last ten years as dependence on standby generation has increased. […]

Enabling efficient network management in substations

  Creating a network management interface of devices and systems using different protocols can create risks and management issues which can compromise effectiveness and security for substation automation networks. An efficient and visually represented PRP/HSR network using power SCADA with specially designed management middleware can effectively avoid these problems. Traditional substation automation system (SAS) structure […]