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UPS on offshore oil platform

In 2012, ABB, together with their business partners ADC Power Concept SdnBhd, completed an order with Petronas, Malaysia, for delivery of uninterruptible power supplies to an offshore oil platform. The delivery project was completed in October 2012. Assurance of power supply is important in many industrial settings, but, on an offshore oil platform, it is […]

UPS for Swiss state railway

In a recent, typical implementation for the Swiss state railway, ABB used standard modular UPS solution equipped with two module slots, one compatible with a 16,67 Hz infeed and one with a 50 Hz infeed. The batteries, able to operate autonomously for more than 30 minutes, and the isolating transformer were integrated into the UPS […]

Range of modular UPS extended

Newave, a member of the ABB Group, recently launched a new type of modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system for use in data centres to fulfill power requirements from 100 kW up to 3 MW. The Conceptpower DPA 500 UPS system provides maximum availability for data centres targeting zero downtime and low cost of ownership, […]

Rugged PLC for extreme environments

A new ruggedised PLC system from ABB provides an easy-to-implement solution for controlling equipment in harsh conditions and extreme climates. The company’s “extreme conditions” AC500-XC PLC is protected against a wide variety of threats including high and low temperature, high humidity, low air pressure, salt mist and hazardous gases, and vibration and shock. This typically […]

Combining AC, DC with surge suppression in a single contactor

The introduction of the new AF range of contactors completes the ABB portfolio of motor protection and control, which includes thermal and electronic overload relays and manual motor starters. By combining AC, DC with surge suppression in a single contactor and additionally controlling the coil electronically, the company brings a product to the marketplace which […]


The ABB fireman’s switch range comprises two, three and four pole options with a maximum operational current rating of 32 A. A feature not often discussed is the range’s ability to operate the under-voltage release or shunt trip in the main incoming circuit breaker. In the event of fire, emergency services can isolate the utility […]

Substation order to enhance Brazil

ABB has won an order worth around $30-million from Furnas Centrais Elétricas S.A. to construct a new indoor transmission substation in downtown Rio de Janeiro to power the renowned Maracanã soccer stadium and the adjacent neighborhood. The order was booked in the second quarter. The Maracanã stadium was the world’s largest when originally inaugurated in […]

Solution for data centre protection

ABB’s highly innovative UPS-I is proving to be an ideal solution for data centre protection due to its high efficiency, reliability and small physical footprint. These benefits have lead to the UPS-I being selected as the power protection solution for a major Swiss government data centre. Government data centres manage all sorts of critical data, […]

Air circuit breakers for power control

ABB has launched the Emax 2 air circuit breaker. Its Ekip brand of trip units and accessories perfectly blend control, connectivity, performance, ease-of-use and safety to meet the needs of any low voltage application. The company uses a patented algorithm to determine the average absorbed power over a period of time, which controls a load […]

3D laser scanner for stockpile inventory management

ABB’s VM3D Volumetric Laser Scanner is designed to measure the volume of bulk material stockpiles stored in the open or in large silos, bunkers, domes, and sheds. The system integrates high accuracy laser sensors with remote monitoring and data processing services for measurement of all visible surfaces, regardless of texture, granularity, slope, and/or colour. The […]