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Outcomes of debate: Should Eskom be restructured and if so how and when?

An open public debate, attended by approximately 250 people in Midrand recently, discussed various options on the future of Eskom. A vote at the end of the debate showed that 70% of those present voted in favour of a deep and decisive restructuring of Eskom, while only 14% voted that the power utility should continue […]

Elegant wireless keyboard launched

Wireless, compact and elegant, the Microsoft Arc from Axiz is described as the latest in keyboard innovation. This wireless keyboard provides users with a compact and elegant solution. The second addition to the Microsoft Arc range, it is an elegant combination of form, function and utility. It features a unique curve which rises up to […]

Improving energy efficiency in ICT

Central software control allows for additional energy efficiency by allowing devices to be powered down during non-operational periods. By introducing a converged network, companies can save costs with the majority of these savings occurring at night. As power at night is more affordable, systems should capture and store this “cheaper” power, and use it during peak times. New […]

Enterprise networking evolves

Enterprise networking is evolving to meet the ever changing needs of the modern mobile business environment.  According to the company, enterprise networking has progressed from a file and print sharing tool to a communication resource enabling anywhere, anytime connectivity. Mobile network connectivity includes both wired and wireless technologies, providing users with access across a broad […]