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High bandwidth oscilloscope launched

LeCroy has launched its new LabMaster 10 Zi, substantially extending its oscilloscope technology. The device is decribed as improving standard oscilloscope features, and the modular design provides the simplest upgrade path in bandwidth and channel count. Key specifications include: 25 GHz – 60 GHz real time bandwidth;  a 160 GS/s sample rate; 1024 Mpts/ch analysis memory; […]

An answer to new energy efficiency building regulations

The achievement of savings in energy consumption is a national imperative in South Africa as energy consumers ask what they can do to reduce their energy bills. Fluke has put together a range of test and measurement tools to address the problem. The new 430 series II power analysis analyses the power quality and calculates how much money […]

Test leads featuring a manually adjustable guard

Fluke’s new ultra-rugged TL 175 TwistGuard test leads feature a manually adjustable guard. The patented TwistGuard extendable tip shroud meets the highest electrical safety requirements to reduce tip exposure while providing the versatility needed for most measurements. Simply twisting the test lead cuts the exposed probe tip length from 19 to 4 mm. Extra-heavy duty […]

New power quality and energy analysers

Industry and facilities alike are looking for ways to conserve energy to reduce ever-escalating energy bills. Fluke, represented in southern Africa by the Comtest Group, has come up with a solution – power quality analysis, and the ability to clearly quantify energy losses in terms of rand and cent. Their answer is the newly launched […]

Thermal imagers for diagnostics

Comtest Distribution’s Fluke P3 series thermal imagers are said to deliver proven, practical performance for a wide range of diagnostic applications. Based on the award-winning Ti32, the P3 series adds four  additional products providing high-performance imagers for any budget. The series includes the Ti32 and TiR32 models, plus the new Ti27 and Ti29 models for  industrial, electrical, […]

Power quality and energy analyser

The new Fluke 434, 435 and 437 Series II models help locate, predict, prevent, and troubleshoot power quality problems in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems. Additionally, the Fluke-patented energy loss algorithm, unified power measurement, measures and quantifies energy losses due to poor power quality such as harmonics and unbalance issues, allowing users to pinpoint […]