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When to trust your gut, and when to follow the analytics

Advanced analytics is less about data and more about decisions, according to Christy Pettey of Gartner. Imagine one of your critical projects is behind schedule and over budget. In a review meeting, your boss asks if it’s worth replacing the project manager or moving to a new technology platform to minimise the cost overrun and […]

SANSA develops drought-monitoring system

  South Africa is currently battling its worst drought in decades. The drought disaster has a negative impact on social, environmental and economic stability and continues to pose a major threat to food security throughout the world. The ultimate knock-on effect could see farmers closing their farms, which will subsequently lead to labour lay-offs. For […]

Data centre expands with new cloud infrastructure partnership

Westcon-Comstor expanded its data centre practice to include VMware’s portfolio of cloud infrastructure and business mobility solutions in South Africa, to help its solutions providers in southern Africa improve time-to-revenue and accelerate growth opportunities. The agreement supports partners with pre- and post-sales support, technical support, as well as logistics services from 60 offices across six […]

Study shows up a major IT performance gap

A recent survey amongst business decision makers on the business impact of application performance revealed a major performance gap between the needs of business and information technology (IT)’s current ability to deliver. It is said that 98% of executives agree that optimal enterprise application performance is critical to achieving optimal business performance. And yet, 94% […]