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3D laser scanners and forensic reconstructions

  The use of the laser scanner at crime and crash scenes offers different workflows with varying degrees of time required at the scene. In cases where speed of capture and efficiency are factors, the approach taken at the scene must change to minimise the number of scans and overall time required, without sacrificing the […]

Decrease in mine

The BOT Lignite Mine in Poland, one of the biggest brown coal mines in the country, was looking for a way to computerise their existing documentation to increase work order changes. After a suitable large-format scanner was found, a quick way to modify existing documentation was needed. Consistent Software’s WiseImage Pro met the requirements and […]

As-built laser documentation

Quantapoint and YSA have teamed to offer as-built documentation using laser scanning for South African process facilities. With nearly 700 as-built laser documentation projects, including more than 100 offshore platforms and process facilities, Quantapoint is said to be the world’s most experienced and trusted provider of as-built documentation using integrated laser scanning. South African-based YSA […]

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