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In conversation with Daniel Dock, Trax Interconnect: How technology ramp-up can save the PCB industry

  Trax Interconnect, which started off in a garage in Cape Town over 40 years ago, has developed into one of South Africa’s foremost printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers. Last year the company went through a management buy-out – with Daniel Dock, marketing manager for the past seven years, becoming the CEO.  With the current focus on […]

ICT is our main driving force: In conversation with Dr. Siyabonga Cwele, Minister of Telecommunication and Postal Services

The recent SATNAC conference saw the minister of telecommunication and postal services deliver the keynote address.  Media colleagues and I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Siyabonga Cwele, Minister of Telecommunication and Postal Services about the status of telecommunication in South Africa and government’s vision of broadband for all. “We are a new department […]

Digital migration – South Africa is losing face as Africa’s technology leader

  The deadline for the switchover from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT), was set for 00:01 UTC on 17 June 2015. It heralded the development of  “all-digital” terrestrial broadcast services for sound and television for 119 countries belonging to ITU Region-1 (Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia) and the Islamic Republic of Iran. But […]

Digital migration policy – best kept secret

Last week the Minister of Communications, Faith Muthambi announced that Cabinet had approved the digital migration policy but no one seems to have seen the policy. If it is now an official policy why the secrecy? This policy is long overdue. It was first promised for March 2014 by the previous minister, Yunus Carrim – […]

Digital terrestrial television – wlll SA make its 2013 deadline?

by Gerhard Petrick Previous issues of EngineerIT have covered the controversial debate regarding digital terrestrial television (DTT) standards. In January 2011 EngineerIT (pg. 14) reported on the outcome of the SADC decision in November 2010. This decision was confirmed for South Africa on 14 January 2011 by the Minister of Communications, resulting in South Africa, […]

Digital migration – the wrong choice will waste R700-million

by Hans van de Groenendaal, EE Publishers Choosing the Japanese standard for digital terrestrial television (DTT) will cost South Africa at least R700-million – if not more. In 2006 the Minister of Communications gazetted a policy for applying a switch-over to the European system, DVB, which had already been adopted by over 120 countries worldwide. […]