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News from the Pretoria region

  The Pretoria branch meeting on 6 March 2014 was very successful. Just over 170 people attended, representing 88 member companies. Representatives from about ten associate members promoted their products at the event. The main items for discussion on the agenda included the new plug and socket configuration (SANS 164-2); the issuing of Certificates of […]

Retirement in the workplace

There is no legal requirement which stipulates retirement age, but the age generally accepted for retirement is 60 0r 65 years. When it comes to retirement, there are four situations you could face: You have an agreed age in place and the employee has reached this age. You adopt the retirement age of your retirement […]

Unit standards, certificate of compliance courses

The ECA will be presenting courses on the correct procedure to follow when completing the newly released Certificate of Compliance and Test Report. The new document is now six pages long and consists of a new Certificate and Test Report. The course will be divided into two sections which will cover theory and practical components. […]