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Quality management at the click of a mouse

Memosens is based on non-contact data transmission between sensor and cable that makes the system absolutely robust against external influences such as moisture, corrosion and salt bridges. Unpleasant surprises from measuring point failures caused by these factors are a thing of the past – and maintenance work such as calibration and sensor replacement can be […]

Spirit of innovation leads to better products

Christian Matt and Gerhard Eckert designed space-saving Coriolis flowmeters for large diameters. Endress+Hauser applied for 230 patents in 2012. More than 240 innovators from across the group gathered at the 2013 Innovators’ Meeting held in Switzerland, to introduce their developments and share their experiences with their colleagues. Four highly-successful patented solutions received awards, while three […]

Engineered measuring solutions

Endress+Hauser has increased its install base in water and waste water plants across the country and has shown good growth in the industry. What differentiates the company’s offering in this industry is the ability to offer individual engineered solutions to ensure integrity of sample collection and continuous measurement and recording of inflow and outflow quality […]

Point level detection

Gammapilot FTG20, the latest instrument from Endress+Hauser for point level detection, combines all of the strengths of the brand – quality, safety for users, more efficient processes and substantial cost savings over its entire life cycle. Based on Geiger-Müller technology, the Gammapilot FTG20 has the highest measurement sensitivity for the automation industry in its class. […]

Electronic differential pressure measurement system

The Deltabar FMD72 electronic differential pressure measurement system has been recently introduced to the market by Endress+Hauser. This system uses two pressure sensor modules connected to a single transmitter, thus eliminating the need for impulse lines or capillaries. Traditional capillary and impulse line systems have well-known issues with icing up, clogging, leaky taps, dry/wet leg inconsistencies […]

Instrument for point level detection

Gammapilot FTG20, the latest instrument from Endress+Hauser for point level detection, is said to combine all of the strengths of the brand. Based on Geiger-Müller technology, the Gammapilot FTG20 claims to have the highest measurement sensitivity for the automation industry in its class. The Gammapilot FTG20 consists of two separate units. A detector which contains […]

Downloading specific device documentation just got easier

By using the W@M Device Viewer you gain easy and quick access to up-to-date product information and device details such as order code, availability, spare parts, successor products for old devices, and general information. The improved overview of documents shows at a glance which operating instructions, technical information or special documentation are available, including the […]

Alcohol measurement by volume

The traditional method of monitoring alcohol concentration is a manual measurement using a hydrometer, so the possibility of human error is inevitable. Endress+Hauser’s alcohol concentration solution is based on state-of-the-art multivariable Coriolis mass flowmeter technology to provide reliable results, time after time. This Coriolis flowmeter basically measures three values: mass flow, density and temperature. From […]

New mobile operations app

Based on the online Device Viewer tool, Endress+Hauser’s new mobile Operations app offers fast access to device-specific information on the go. Input your device’s serial number or scan the device QR code for immediate access to information such as technical information, operating manuals, order code, availability, spare parts and even replacement products. Once searched, your […]

Sensor for harsh processing applications

The new Promass O Coriolis flowmeter sensor is said to offer outstanding robustness and reliability for high temperature and high pressure applications, even in the toughest conditions. Like any Coriolis flowmeter, it operates independently of physical fluid properties such as viscosity and density, and is suitable for use in hazardous areas. Promass O offers a […]