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Peering into the future of the electricity sector

  The electricity supply sector, for most, has to be one of the most boring sectors around. Electricity production is a simple process but operated on a huge scale. The sector has high capital costs but the product never changes so risks are low. For all the differences in geography, political systems and wealth of […]

Awards for South African energy sector leaders, innovators and projects

  Participants in the energy sector gathered recently to recognise companies that have demonstrated excellence in energy projects, and innovative individuals who have become role models for the industry. The 2015 SANEA/SANEDI Energy Awards banquet and ceremony, which took place on 17 September 2015 at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton, was attended by 140 guests […]

Local suppliers to benefit from new nuclear power plants

  As negotiations over South Africa’s nuclear energy programme continue, the economic impact of supply chain localisation will be of significant interest to local service providers. In fact previous announcements have highlighted that as much as 70% of the new build programme will be handed to South Africa’s local suppliers. To identify opportunities for your company, […]

Counting on energy storage for better utility-scale PV output

  Photovoltaic (PV) plant operators are keen to adopt energy storage if the grid operator demands a certain ramp rate from their output. It is critical to assess how various stakeholders perceive energy storage and what sort of developments can be expected in the solar PV arena. Energy storage today can allow utility-scale PV to […]

Making the most of solar thermal energy

  Concentrated solar power (CSP) generation uses solar radiation to generate electricity from solar thermal energy. This power generation is employed in regions of high solar insolation, especially in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the United States, western India, South Africa, and Australia. While many commercial CSP plants are operating at present […]

Creating a storage enabled smart grid

  With the rise of coupled solar and storage systems, there are challenges which must be addressed, notably claims of grid instability resulting from solar generation. A careful examination of the current situation from different perspectives, and proposition of viable solutions is necessary. There are two main challenges today in the solar photovoltaic (PV) market: […]

Wind farms attract investment to Northern Cape province

  Khobab and Loeriesfontein wind farms celebrated the start of construction on 8 September 2015, with a ground breaking ceremony attended by guests representing the local municipalities. The two wind farms, situated alongside each other within the Hantam Municipality in the Northern Cape, will comprise 61 wind turbines each with a combined output of 280 […]

Significant growth reported in renewable energy investment and usage

  Renewable energy continued to grow in 2014 against the backdrop of increasing global energy consumption, particularly in developing countries, and a dramatic decline in oil prices during the second half of the year. Despite rising energy use, for the first time in four decades, global carbon emissions associated with energy consumption remained stable in […]

The energy wars are over, and sustainability has won

  South Africa’s unique position in its electricity sector causes a fact not yet universally acknowledged to be increasingly self-evident to us: renewable energy is the way to go. It is cheap, clean and able to support a modern economy. It creates jobs, supports rural development, and is supremely compatible with long term sustainability (which in our […]

South African wind atlas launched

  Speaking at the launch of phase one of the wind atlas for South Africa (WASA) project, the Department of Energy’s Nomawethu Qase said that the report demonstrates that South Africa has sufficient wind resources for it to be a viable source of renewable energy. The event, which was hosted by the Department of Energy in […]