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High temperature solar thermal fuel production

  Thermal processes for the production of fuels such as liquid hydrocarbons and hydrogen from hydrocarbon gas and carbon dioxide are well established processes, but all use fossil fuels as an energy source. The development of high temperature solar thermal systems offers an energy savings alternative to the use of fossil fuels, and opens opportunities […]

Water desalination and energy

  Water takes a close second to energy as the commodity most under pressure in the future, and the least available. Energy can be produced, but the supply of fresh water is totally dependant on weather and climatic conditions. For this reason desalination of seawater is becoming an increasingly important factor in the fresh water […]

Saving the world by saving energy

  When opening the 2014 SAEE Convention on 12 November 2014, the president of the Southern African Association of Energy Efficiency (SAEE), spoke of the benefits of energy efficiency to businesses that are trying to remain sustainable while experiencing ever increasing energy costs. Although all energy solutions are important as part of an energy mix, […]

SAEE 2014 convention reminder

  The 9th annual Southern African Energy Efficiency Convention (SAEEC) which takes place at Emperors Palace, Gauteng, is now just five days away! SAEE’s president, Karel Steyn, says that the SAEEC and its focus on energy efficiency is important considering the current energy situation in South Africa and that energy efficiency with all its variants is the only […]

Majuba doubles its output after disaster

  Eskom reports that it has increased the power output from Majuba power station from 600 to 1200 MW.  The additional power has assisted with the management of water levels at its Drakensberg and Palmiet pumped water schemes which are used as peak demand stations, and has saved the country from load shedding. The utility […]

Outcomes of public debate on the future of nuclear energy in SA

  Hot on the heels of reports that the South African president and his minister of energy have signed memorandums of understanding with the Russian and French governments respectively for cooperation in the field of nuclear technology for the generation of electricity in South Africa, interested parties gathered to debate the desirability and affordability of […]

Windaba 2014: full range of RE technologies to tackle energy crisis

  As Eskom continues to declare regular “emergencies” and black outs persist, renewable energy including wind, has the potential to rescue the situation over the next five years – we just need to mix small and large scale technologies, says the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA). Windaba (Cape Town international conference centre, 3 to […]