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South African-built satellites launched

  The South African satellite industry has taken another step forward as a player in the international space arena with the successful launch of two South African-built nanosatellites from Cape Canaveral in Florida USA. Two CubeSats: “nSight1”  designed and manufactured by Cape Town-based SCS Space –  a member of the SCS Aerospace Group –  and […]

Industry 4.0: Production of the future

  At a recent seminar held at Festo’s South African head office in Isando, Gauteng, Eberhard Klotz, head of the Festo Industry 4.0 campaign described Industry 4.0 as being the fundamental change to the value creation and the life-cycle of products where the real and virtual world grow together.  He said  that there is not one definition […]

Network security in industrial processes

  Robert Wright, MD of RJ Connect and IIG chairman was the speaker at the recent SAIMC Johannesburg monthly meeting, on the topic of  network security. The risks to industrial processes related to network security and protecting the industrial network infrastructure were discussed, as well as the latest developments around industrial networking and the requirements […]

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