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The future of electricity: New technologies transforming the grid edge

  The electricity system is in the midst of a transformation, as technology and innovation disrupt traditional models from generation to beyond the meter. Three trends in particular are converging to produce game-changing disruptions: The electrification of large sectors of the economy such as transport and heating Decentralisation, spurred by the sharp decrease in costs […]

Getting wind and sun onto the grid

  Wind and solar PV capacity has grown very rapidly in many countries, thanks to supportive policy, and dramatic falls in technology cost. By the end of 2015, these technologies – collectively referred to as variable renewable energy (VRE) – had reached double-digit shares of annual electricity generation in ten countries. This is the executive […]

Positioning to capture opportunities from the next wave of distribution services

  As the electricity grid of the future takes shape, distribution utilities want to extract full value from their investments in smart technologies. This will mean creating a truly efficient grid by optimising the smart network itself, while also harnessing a wide array of distributed energy resources (DER) and flexibility from customer participation. This is […]

DC grids: Emerging networks hold promise for the future

  Most HVDC systems to date have been point-to-point systems, designed to transmit power over long distances, or to interconnect networks with frequency instability. Multi-terminal systems are being developed to allow interconnection of multiple systems leading the way to the development of HV and MV DC grids. The focus with HVDC to date has been […]

Smart buildings – protagonists of the smart grid

  The smart grid is the future of our power supply. Smart grids need smart buildings. Equipped with modern building automation, these buildings can be used as a counterbalance in the complex interplay between power generation and energy demand. The growing importance of user-generated energy and the different ways in which energy can be stored […]

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