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Science and innovation awards for young learners

  At the annual Eskom Expo for Young Scientists 36th International Science Fair, held in Boksburg during October 2016, 32 aspiring young scientists received awards of R5000 in the Hendrik van der Bijl special award programme to further their studies. Companies sponsored a total of R161 500 which included three Raspberry pi laptops sponsored by RS […]

Aspiring scientists receive Hendrik van der Bijl awards

  At the annual Eskom Expo for Young Scientist 35th International Science Fair, held in Boksburg, Gauteng during the first week of October 2015, 28 projects earned Hendrik van der Bijl awards. These awards are part of a number of special awards to recognise outstanding science projects. The Hendrik van de Bijl Awards are an […]

Awards for learners on the road to science

  The spirit of adventure lies buried in every man’s soul. Strike the spark and ignite the soul and the impossible is accomplished – William I Orr   When in the early sixties William I. Orr, author of many books on communication, wrote these words it was the beginning of the space age, a period […]

Young scientists at Expo show that science is fun

  Enthusiasm for science and ingenuity best describes the 34th International Science Fair held in Boksburg from 7 to 10 October 2014. The Eskom Expo for young scientists was attended by over 900 young people from all over South Africa with 632 unique exhibits showing their passion for science and technology. The Expo is the […]