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The science, engineering and law of nuclear energy in South Africa

An interview with NECSA CEO Mr. Phumzile Tshelane and Chairman Dr. Kelvin Kemm In an exclusive interview, Chris Yelland, investigative editor, and Joanne Taylor, assistant editor at EE Publishers, posed a number of questions to Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA) CEO Mr. Phumzile Tshelane and Chairman Dr. Kelvin Kemm, to explore issues surrounding […]

Logical thinking dispels myths

by Dr. Kelvin Kemm, Stratek “Think outside the box” is a business expression that one hears regularly these days. Everybody uses it, whether they are talking about redesigning the company expansion strategy or about what to have for lunch. I find that most people who use that phrase can’t actually do it! Proper thinking is […]

University accreditation

The Technology Leadership Programme (TLP) has been formally accredited by the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), a university that was formed some years ago through the merger of the Pretoria Technikon with other institutions. TLP is now accredited in the university’s business school.  It has been rated by the university as 120 credits at NQF […]

Nuclear waste – how dangerous is it?

If you pour a couple of litres of petrol on your head and then strike a match you will produce an impressive fireball that will probably kill you. If you drink two or three whole bottles of whisky in one evening, the amber gold will probably kill you too. Taking twenty sleeping pills to get […]

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