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Flicker-free LED panel lights

The range of high quality LED panel lights from Major Tech is efficient and supplied with a low-voltage EMC approved constant current flicker-free driver which is safe, saves energy, enables a long lighting lifetime and ensures the best possible light for any application. An anodised aluminium frame ensures excellent heat dissipation and therefore a longer […]

Pole-mounted street light system

iGuzzini announces the Wow, its minimal pole-mounted street light system. Equipped with a patented optical system for unparalleled performance, the Wow’s aluminum body is coated with a nanotechnology surface pre-treatment for maximum resistance to corrosion. The technology of exclusive and intelligent electronics allows the product to adapt to the requirements of each project and different […]

2017 IESSA Lighting Show: Cancelled

  The 2017 IESSA Lighting Show has been cancelled until further notice by the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA). For further information please contact Tracey Morton, IESSA Events, <a href=”” data-mce-href=””>Click Here To Load This Form</a>