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Data: the outsourcing question

  Outsourcing your data is no longer an “if” or a “when”, but rather a case of where and what to outsource. According to Lex van Wyk of Teraco, when designing new office buildings, large enterprises no longer plan for on-premise data centres but are instead opting for hosted solutions in colocation data centres. This […]

Extracting maximum value from IT network outsourcing

by Roux de Villiers,  Werksmans Incorporating Jan S. de Villiers IT network outsourcing contracts are invariably long-term business arrangements covering at least three to five years. Given this long-term commitment, the challenge for any customer who is party to such an arrangement is to ensure it receives the best value for money for the duration […]

Outsourcing successfully

The decision by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to outsource manufacturing of their product is not an easy one to make. There is often a perceived risk in relinquishing business processes involved in manufacturing of the product that their business is built around. However, due to increasingly challenging economic conditions, there is an even greater […]

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