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Using 3D printing to improve mining productivity

  3D printing may have burst onto the scene a few years ago with much hype, but it hasn’t yet revolutionised industrial sectors as some analysts exuberantly predicted. However, forward-thinking mining organisations are realising that industrial-scale 3D printing in the mines could skim costs from their operations and reduce the frustrations of equipment downtime. By […]

Mining operations need to get productive and smart

  This article was written on the back of recent experience in implementing a drill management system on a large open pit operation. The effect that the system has had on the drill section has been impressive. Operators have become more disciplined and competitive. Managers are now able to make proactive decisions as opposed to […]

Optimising production planning in cement plants

  ABB has launched Knowledge Manager Production Scheduler, a new software solution to manage and optimise production scheduling in cement plants. It provides customers with optimal planning functionalities based on real-time information, considering production goals, business constraints as well as volatile energy tariffs to increase the overall process efficiency. This application allows the user to […]

Enhancing productivity on large projects

DPR Construction, one of the top 50 general contractors in the US, has standardised on Bentley’s ProjectWise for work sharing in the delivery of all large construction projects.  ProjectWise enables fast and easy access to information for all stakeholders across many companies in a manner that is integrated with the workflow. By providing federated AEC […]

Technology drives behaviour, but is it the right behaviour?

by Keith Jones, Unison We have seen an explosion in communications devices and platforms in recent times, which has driven what is arguably the single largest behavioural shift we have seen or are likely to see in our working lives.  We are doing more with more, not more with less, cloud and mobility have insidiously crept […]

Data logging increases productivity

A project looking at the impact of new computerised data logging and reporting tools on underground fleet productivity has confirmed a 5% increase in productivity. Cracow Gold Mine in Queensland has been using Maptek MineSuite for more than a year. The original justification for implementing the system was to improve the average haul from 45 […]

Balanced light for productivity

Light is important for human wellbeing. The latest research shows this clearly. Studies in Norway and Milan found that “good” light improves concentration, reduces absence and improves productivity. Special photo-receptors in the eye allow light to act on our inner clocks. If natural daylight is not present our circadian rhythm is disrupted. Osram Lumilux Skywhite […]

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