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PAIA Application

  Click here to download the full judgement by Judge Kgomo (2 MB pdf file) On 5 August 2011, Judge Kgomo handed down judgement in the South Gauteng High Court ordering Eskom, BHP Billiton and their business associates to hand over all documents requested by Media24 in terms of a Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) application. This will reveal details of […]

Seamless GIS work environment for surveyors

Carlson SurvPC data collection software has been updated to enable land surveyors to work in the GIS environment. Carlson SurvPC, like Carlson’s popular SurvCE software, is a complete data collection system for real time kinematic (RTK) GPS and total stations with in-field coordinate geometry. Because SurvPC can be utilised on standard Windows PC computers such […]

Eskom, BHP Billiton and the secret electricity pricing deals…

by Chris Yelland, managing director, EE Publishers  To comment and respond to this article, and/or to any of the views and positions expressed, visit EE Publishers’ blog: “The best from EE Publishers…“, click on the article title, and respond.  Within a few weeks, Judge Kgomo of the South Gauteng High Court will rule on whether […]