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Balancing the data scales

  The recent elections in France, and not so recently in the US, have exposed how data can be used to influence the results of elections. Companies like Google and Facebook are acquiring massive global repositories of data resources and developing algorithms to analyse and filter data which can then be used by commercial and […]

New add-in for data visualisation

Esri has released Maps for Office, a new analysis tool that allows business professionals to visualise data by creating and sharing interactive maps directly within Microsoft Office. It’s a downloadable add-in for Microsoft Office 2010 that helps organisations make better decisions through location analytics. Mapping and geographic intelligence capabilities to new people and departments are […]

Inter-departmental spatial data sharing bolsters service delivery

Information from AfriGIS AfriGIS, E-Innovation and Sita collaborate to enable portal-based spatial data for provincial departments. Please download the pdf

file sharing on the internet

by Frank Joffe, Bowman Gilfillan The downloading and sharing of video and music files on the internet is commonplace, but is not always lawful.Download the PDF document

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